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Articulating the message you want to convey – the first job of a brand design agency

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Jan 28, 2016

It has been mentioned in earlier posts that with your brand you convey a promise to your customers, to the public. For example, the Apple brand conveys a promise of user-friendliness and a top quality product. What you convey with your brand depends on many things. It is likely that your company has defined a vision and a mission statement. You also have some sense of the direction your company is taking. Your brand’s promise is a combination of all these things. A brand design agency will help you collect all these sources together and then come up with the image or promise you must convey. In essence, in this kind of role, a brand design company will reveal your true colors to you, and help you identify with that.

By its communications and actions, your company sends out a message. That is not to say that the company sends out a letter or an e-mail. Very often, the message may not be articulated at all. Nevertheless, every customer-facing aspect of your business sends out a silent message. A brand design company helps you to identify this message. Then if it looks like the message has negative tones, your brand design agency will guide you about the changes you need to make to ensure that you send out a positive message. For more info visit our website at

How does your brand design agency do this? The first thing that the brand design company will do, is talk to different key players in your company and get a feel of what their perception of the company is, and how they project the company. The agency will talk to the owners or the very top management of the company, and find out what they see as true vision or mission of the company. The agency will advise the top management about the actions required to bring all the activities together so that they present a cohesive and consistent message.

With the same objective of cohesion and consistency, the brand design agency may design a logo for your company and also help in designing your stationery. This is what is meant, when there is talk of designing a brand. Your brand design company will help you articulate the message that you are conveying. If that message is not consistent with the core products or services of the company, your brand design agency will help you modify the message your products and actions convey. And all this will happen, only if you employ the services of a really good brand design company, selected from a pool of the top qualifiers in that category!

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Author: Raviraj Mane

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