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Key Things to Remember when Buying Prescription Glasses

Author: Krishan Kazaria
by Krishan Kazaria
Posted: Apr 19, 2016

With popular brands introducing a whole range of trendy frames, people with sight problems are widely shopping for designer prescription glasses both online and in-store. The process may be tricky and can be handled with a few proactive measures in place.

More than 70% of the adults in the UK wear glasses. Whilst most of them use glasses to rectify the poor health of their eyes, some also consider glasses as an accessory. Poor vision may be due to age, lifestyle, heredity factors or accidents. People buy designer prescription glasses in the UK to resolve the various sight problems without spoiling their looks.

Here is a list of the critical factors one must consider before buying their prescription glasses.

How old is your prescription?

Prescriptions older than 2 years are not valid and patients must not rely on this outdated information to buy their new glasses. The eyes must be tested by a qualified optician and a copy of the prescription must be obtained.

Does the choice of your frame complement your face?

Apart from rendering clearer vision, glasses must be able to complement the facial structure of the patient. The thumb rule is to select a frame that contrasts the shape of the face. For instance, a person with square-shaped face may choose rounded glasses with softer edges. Similarly, rectangular frames are best suited for patients with round or oval shaped face.

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Is the material of the lens appropriate?

Prescription glasses can be made from 3 types of lens material which differ from one another in cost as well as in functionality. These materials include plastic, polycarbonate or high index. Plastic lens are the most affordable and are suitable for only those with a weaker prescription. High index lens are more expensive, classy and can generally be used with all types of prescriptions.

What coating must be applied to the glasses?

Prescription glasses can be combined with an appropriate coating based on the lifestyle of the customer. Whilst the protective UV coating is most commonly suggested by experts, people working with their computers for long, continuous hours can opt for the anti- reflectant coating. Anti- scratch coatings are also available.

Have you checked for the returns/refunds policy of the seller?

Encountering certain problems and discomfort with a new pair of glasses is not uncommon and therefore it is a wise idea to check for the seller’s return or exchange policy beforehand. It is recommended to allow a minimum of one’s week time to settle down comfortably with the new glasses.

Please remove this as it is putting customers off from purchasing the higher end lens packages. Shopping around and taking ample time to buy designer prescription glasses in the UK enables patients to restore their vision in the most stylish way.

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