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Build and Strengthen Your Career through Vastu

Author: Dhanwant Singh
by Dhanwant Singh
Posted: Feb 12, 2016
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Simple MahaVastu solutions can give you career opportunities and increments, says Dhanwant Singh, a well-known MahaVastu Expert of Bengaluru.

Yes, we agree that in order to gain career opportunities and increments you should be well-qualified, skillful and hard working. But at the same time you cannot ignore the power of Nature. Vastu gives you the power to create new opportunities for yourself. If you feel that you are stuck in your life; you do not have the job or work that accords with your skills and knowledge,the first and foremost thing you should do is to get your house analysed and make simple readjustments by adding certain Vastu remedies or cures.

Basically, the Universal Energy channeled through the Vastu alignment of your house and other components (elements) inside the house will do the needful to set the right direction for your career!Try the ‘Enlightening Technique’ in the North zone. Wait for two weeks and see what series of opportunities life presents before you!

To create new opportunities, MahaVastu has very specific solutions—mostly designed for better work and growth of money. With a little knowledge of MahaVastu, you can customize your solutions. For example, you want to change your present job and are seeking some better offers. You may also just want to shift from one industry to another (say, food processing to media), then MahaVastu helps to 'tap' a new sphere with better offers. Many documented case studies at MahaVastu Centre show how people did so with the help of MahaVastu.

Similarly, this also applies to business. If you are running your own business well and want to invest in some new venture, but you are not getting the right kind of new opportunities, MahaVastu™ can prove quite helpful in that, too.

Recently, for example, many people got opportunities to invest in the field of property, just at the right time, and made fortunes out of it. People, in whose houses the zone of opportunity was blocked, did not get a chance, even with money kept ready for investment.

In general, clean the North, South and West zones of anti-elements and anti-activities. Then place a Lush Green Scene in North zone and light a red bulb in the South zone. Also, place your educational or qualification certificates in the North zone. This will help you get the much awaited new opportunity.

For a successful career stream, you should be very clear about your goals. Your mind must be sharp enough to grab the correct opportunity coming your way. This can be obtained simply by clearing North-East zone.

The foundation of a good career is based mainly on the degrees and educational qualifications possessed by you. For that, the West South-West zone must be balanced so that you can reproduce your learned knowledge at the right time (say, at the time of interview).

Then to get a good opportunity, the North zone should be balanced and activated.The person looking for a career should be skillful. He or she should be talented enough to achieve his targets. For the activation of skills, the South-West zone should be balanced.

One also needs good connections and links as to reach the goals with ease. Associations with higher authorities in same fields are highly supportive. For this, the East zone should be activated.

Then we tackle the question of stability. One should be firm in his decisions, as well as after securing the desired post one should be able to hold on to it. Again, the South-West zone imparts stability to one's career.

After the direction of career is decided and a firm footing is secured; the person looks for name and fame. He wants to sell off product, giving his own brand name. To achieve this one needs a balanced South zone.

Finally you have the name, the talent, the fame; all you need to do is to make money out of it. For wealth, again simply look in the North zone.

If you desire increment, you must see the West zone of your home as it is the area of gains. Your increments depend upon this zone. Hence, in order to gain increments, balancing of West zone is highly important.

If there is a toilet made in this zone, there will be no gains or increments until the fault of this zone is rectified with MahaVastu remedies. If there is fire element here, the gains will be more. If there is a bedroom here, then profits will flow in easily. In this way, if you are desiring increment or gains, you need to focus on this zone’s energy.

The Balancing and Programming of each of the above listed zones helps you achieve your desired goal.Directions and Zones do attract positive or negative energies depending upon their attributes and the elements they govern, as per the Panchtattva Theory of Elements. All these have been proved in a compilation of more than 12, 000 case studies in the form of documented research in the world’s largest book on Vastu, the MahaVastu Handbook and various other books as well as YouTube Videos on MahaVastu.

The writer, Dhanwant Singh, CEO of MahaVastu Bengaluru,is also the Founder & Chancellor of the APEX Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh.

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MahaVastu Bangalore Centre

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About the Author

A MahaVastu Expert, Professor Singh is the Founder & Chancellor of the Apex Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh.

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