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A building surveyor Brighton who doubles up as a structural engineer Brighton

Author: Melany Malot
by Melany Malot
Posted: Feb 15, 2016

If you are planning to construct a building or want to renovate or expand it, the services of a building surveyor Brighton are required. The building surveyor ensures that no one else is hassled due to a new construction or a building expansion. This is a totally scientific job that is required from the point of view of law and breaking the law could mean heavy penalties. For both these jobs, you may also need the services of a structural engineer Brighton to ensure the safety of the occupants. Some of the building surveyors also double up as structural engineers and this means that the same person can do both the jobs for you.

There are two areas where you primarily need a building surveyor Brighton.

  1. If it is a new construction, the building surveyor needs to do a final inspection and certify that the building specifications were adhered to and the safety aspect has been fully complied with.
  2. For both new constructions and expansion of buildings, the Party Wall Act of 1996 needs to be adhered to. This act mandates that the builder give proper notice to the owners of the adjoining properties before any work is started. This is done to protect the rights of these owners. The building surveyor Brighton needs to act as a surveyor for both the builder and the owners of the adjacent properties. There are three types of notices that are sent in this regard – 1. Party structure notice, 2. Three metre notice and 3. Line of junction notice and the building surveyor can serve all these three.

A structural engineer Brighton, on the other hand, is more concerned with the safety of new structures. New structured here could again mean totally new constructions or renovations or expansions of buildings that are already there.

The job of a structural engineer Brighton is to make structural calculations for the proposed new buildings, present their structural report and also consider the point of subsidence.

As you can see, there are common areas between the job of a building surveyor Brighton and a structural engineer Brighton. So, it only makes sense for you to choose someone who can do both the jobs. Hiring two professionals for these two jobs is not only time consuming, but expensive too. But there are professionals in Brighton who are qualified to do both these jobs and you can save a lot when you hire these experts. Some of them offer tailored services as per your need and this means that you will never go wrong with the law. As far as constructions are concerned, this is a big relief for any builder or property owner.

When you are about to hire a building surveyor Brighton, see if the same person can also do the job of a structural engineer Brighton. For this, you may want to talk to someone else or search online. Once this person is in place, all the legal issues related to your new construction will be taken care of properly.

Resource Box: A ( ) building surveyor Brighton can also work as a ( ) structural engineer Brighton if they have the required qualification. But you need to search for such experts.

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