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Treatment guide to Attention deficit disorder and bipolar depression treatment

Author: Aiken Ace
by Aiken Ace
Posted: Feb 16, 2016

Where there is a will, there is a way; similarly where there is a disease, there must be a cure or a treatment. There are some people in this world suffering from diseases such as ADHD, and Bipolar Depression. These are the two diseases that deal with mental abnormality of the person. They affect the person psychologically and may worsen if not treated well. ADHD; officially known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder, is a disease in which the person is overly hyperactive and seeks for attention all the time. The Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment has several stages. The symptoms of ADHD are as follows:

  • Inattention: The child or the person might be disorganized, they might lack focus, having trouble in staying on a particular topic while speaking, may be distracted quite easily with simple noises.
  • Hyperactivity: the person Might be very restless. For example they cannot sit in a single place; they might get up and run around, or simply do something or another while they sit. The y just cannot sit still.
  • Impulsivity: The people suffering from ADHD find it very difficult to stay patient. They simply take time while talking, they need to complete the conversation as fast as possible or they find it difficult to wait or react.

The Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment is done in the following ways:-

  • The treatment might include drugs and medications to cure ADHD and may also have some side effects such as malnutrition, depression, lack of hunger, but these side effects slowly fade away.
  • Psychological Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment includes behavioral therapy. In this therapy the child or the adults are given certain goals to achieve and they are given rewards if they do achieve it. These help in treatment of ADHD.

Bipolar disorder is the disease in which the person leads to severe mood swings and they become quite worst at times. This disease cause high depression or sometimes the person might be excessively happy. The symptoms of Bipolar disorders are as follows:

  • The person might even feel active after having just two hours of sleep
  • At times they might feel very loathing at times and at times may be very restless
  • They might have sudden changes in their mood such as they are very happy at once and then turn out to be very sad all of a sudden.
  • These people may also suffer from concentration of memory and thinking, they may at times have a feeling of emptiness as well.

Bipolar Depression Treatment may include the following processes:

  • A mood stabilization medication or drug is consumed by t he bipolar disorders patients. There are pills and drugs used for medication t hat may even have certain side effects in the start but then that may not last long.
  • Psychotherapy is very essential while dealing with this disease. The Placebo- controlled study medication and open label treatment is used for the Bipolar Depression Treatment.

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