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Give Your Car the Oracle Lighting Experience

Author: Automotive Lightstore
by Automotive Lightstore
Posted: Feb 18, 2016

In 2001 BMW initiated the use of Halo Lights in their 5 Series automobiles. It wasn’t long after that several car owners followed in incorporating halos into their headlights. Oracle lighting halo kits will give you this exact look with a viariety of color options and technologies. In case all of this is new to you, the following lines will guide you in understanding the benefits of installing Oracle headlight halos in your vehicle.

Installation Guide:

The Halo headlight ring is a glowing ring of light that usually illuminates the circular edges of a headlight. Consequently, the Oracle LED headlight bulbs shine every time your vehicle is running. Halo rings by Oracle Lighting are available for current and older models of SUVs, cars and trucks when purchased through the automotive light store website.

Halo Lights- Benefits:

Here’s a list of the benefits associated with Halo lights that will prompt you to make the right choice by investing in these lights.

  • More Stylish- The Oracle Halo lights can even upgrade the looks of even an older vehicle model. As soon as you install these LED Halo headlight rings from Oracle Lighting, you will see how fascinating and stylish your vehicle looks.
  • Extra Illumination- the Plasma or LED headlights shine much brighter in comparison to halogen lighting. After installation of the halo headlight kit, the lighting experience tends to improve the amount of light illuminated by any vehicle, thus supplementing the head lamps.
  • Perceived Value Enhancement- As you upgrade the automotive lighting of your vehicle by installing Halo lights, you make your car more desirable to prospective buyers. Therefore, your investment in Halo lighting helps increase your car’s resale value. If financially viable, you can also install oracle LED wheel rings for increasing your car’s resale value further.
  • Improved Show Value- Yes, these Halo rings are available in various eye-catching colors and are great for vehicles displayed at car shows and events. These lights also enrich the looks of various performance vehicles and make them more attention-grabbing when pulling up at the start line.

Halo Lights- Types:

Oracle Halo ring kits come in three types. These include the following:

Plasma- These headlights are able to burn for as long as 100,000 hours. Such lights come with the steady smooth glow feature of CCFLs mixed with the brightness of LED headlights. These are usually higher priced and are available for fewer vehicles.

CCFL- Stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting, these halo lights are composed of glass, and they provide a steady and smooth beam of illumination along with a prominent but soft glow. They last up to 50, 000 hours when used continuously. They are highly economic when compared to other Oracle Halo headlights.

SMD LED- Surface Mount Diode is a variant of the Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlight technology that Oracle Lighting developed for Halo lighting system. They last up to 60,000 hours and are brighter when compared to CCFL lights, but they are not smooth when seen up close.

After reading the above information, you will get a clearer picture of Halo lights and why you should install them in your vehicle.

About the Author

Jonathon Blake, is a car blogger. In this article he has mentioned the use of Halo Lights, and oracle Led wheel rings

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