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Things You Need to Know about Envelope Addressing Service

Author: Damon Za
by Damon Za
Posted: Feb 18, 2016

Nowadays, there are a lot of marketing tools available which makes it harder to choose the right technique. However, the old is still gold. And so the age-old direct mail marketing techniques are still considered to be effective in generating results.

According to CMO Council, 79% of consumers respond to direct mail immediately as compared to 45% email responses. This makes direct mail an effective marketing tool. But wait; there is another side to it.

Another finding presented by the CMO Council shows 44% of direct mail never gets opened. So, the question is how to make your direct mail stand out and capture the attention of the recipients. The answer is by employing the envelope addressing service. Here are few things that you can do to ensure high viewing rates with envelope addressing.

Use Handwriting

The envelope is the first thing seen by your prospect. Hence, you should do everything to catch the recipient’s attention. Hand addressed envelopes make the mailing piece look more personal. It makes your message stand out and generates curiosity as it appears to be different from the regular mail. But, writing addresses on thousands of envelopes is a difficult task. Hence, you can use an envelope addressing service to do the job.

Write Full words and Proper Titles

Always write full name and addresses on the envelope. All the words in the address should be fully spelled. There can be a few exceptions though, such as Mr., Mrs., Dr, and few other salutations and titles. Also, don’t forget to mention appropriate titles while addressing the envelope. A title is a sign of prestige for many. So, never forget to include the titles of the prospects/customers that they have earned.

While it is common to use Mr., Mrs., titles for adults, you can use Master and Miss for children. The word Ms can be used for married, single and a divorced woman.

Never Use Nicknames

Never use nicknames as it is considered inappropriate in formal correspondence. Chances are that the people you know as Sandie, Annie, or Katie have proper names like Sandra, Ann, and Katherine. Good marketing etiquettes say you should use proper names while addressing the envelopes.

Don’t Assume Things

When sending invitations to couples, you should not assume things, like if the couple living together or separately. You can follow a basic rule such as making sure the names of the both individuals appear on separate lines. Don’t mention Mr. & Mrs. Green. Instead, you can write Mrs. Linda Green on the first line and Mr. Robert Green on the second.

The tips given above will make your direct mail marketing more effective. Each day when your prospects sort through mail, it takes only few seconds to decide whether the mail is interesting enough to be opened. Hand addressed envelopes have a greater personal appeal and hence higher viewing rates. Leave the addressing task for an envelope addressing service provider while you focus on important elements of direct mail marketing.

How do you use hand addressed envelopes in your direct mail marketing campaign?

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Author: Damon Za

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