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Can You Afford to Hire a Transportation Logistics Company? by Jeff Talp

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Feb 18, 2016

Every dollar counts at a business, especially if you’re running a small and/or new operation. Even if you have some excess funds, you’ll want to invest those funds back into the business instead of spending it on extraneous expenses so the business is able to grow. It’s natural, then, that you wonder if you have the available funds to justify hiring a third party for some of your business’ operational tasks, such as a transportation logistics company for the transport and delivery of your products and the parts necessary to manufacture your goods and provide your services.

A transportation logistics company not only provides the vehicles and expert drivers necessary to make these deliveries, but it can also oversee your entire transportation operation, from making sure everything is delivered on time to designing a delivery plan that allows you to stay on budget. That sounds like it’d take a considerable amount of your budget, but on the contrary, what you save by hiring an expert can save you money in both the long- and the short-term. Take a look at your budget and your delivery needs to determine whether or not you can afford to outsource this essential aspect of your business’ operations.

How Much Shipping Do You Do?

If the bulk of your business’ shipping is no more than a few Fed Ex packages per week, transportation logistics is unlikely to be something that concerns you. This is true for many, but not all, service-based industries. On the other hand, if you manufacture anything, you likely not only have to ship finished products to stores and consumers directly, but you also have to figure out how to get the parts necessary to make your products to your warehouses and manufacturing facilities at the fastest and most affordable rates.

Even if you’re a small-scale operation, perhaps a brand new online-only business that operates out of your garage, you can benefit from transportation logistics via services such as a Less-Than-Truckload option that lets you share a truck and share the costs with other businesses. This applies both to your delivery of products and to your purchase of product parts.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Do you import parts from or export goods to other nations on a regular basis? How much are you spending on international shipping costs? If you can afford to spend part of your budget on these quick-to-add-up international postage charges, you can afford to hire a logistics company to get your items moving via plane, train or boat at a fraction of the cost. By sharing freight space and relying on experts to handle all of the customs paperwork, it’ll cost you less to ship internationally with a service that deals with international transport all the time.

Where Can You Cut Back?

If hiring a transportation logistics company sounds good to you, but you’re not sure if you can afford it, take a look at where your budget is allocated right now. Where can you afford to cut back? Can you spend less on marketing that hasn’t proven successful? Can you hold off on expanding the company until you bring in more revenue? Talk to a representative from the logistics company about how you can work with them regardless of your budget size.

Instead of asking yourself if you can afford to hire a transportation logistics company, the right question is to ask yourself if you can afford not to. It’s much more expensive to purchase, maintain and operate a fleet of trucks on your own, and you may not produce enough to justify it. Regardless, transportation logistics experts are ideal for businesses both small and large alike.

About the Author: Jeff Talp is a small business owner from Florida who recommends working with Landstar System, Inc. for all your company’s transportation logistics needs.

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