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The Whole Gamut Of Garden Equipment

Author: Deepak Jain
by Deepak Jain
Posted: Dec 09, 2013

Every garden has its own landscape and hence a distinct charm. Some are designed for practical uses while others are just for beautification. Maintaining a garden is not an easy task, you need to pay special attention to various aspects from esthetic designs to botany, therefore, when it comes to gardening, almost every gardener owns some type of gardening equipment.

Today, there is a huge variety of Garden Equipment available in the market. Selection of any garden tool depends on the area and the type of grass, flower or vegetation and many such factors. Some of the common Gardening Implements include hand tool, power tools, cutting tools, wheelbarrows, watering tool, etc.

Garden Equipment: A Wide Range

Shovels: Shovel is probably one of the most common and basic tools for gardening. Mostly used for digging soil and planting trees and shrubs, it has a round, pointed blade. With flat edges at the top of the blade, it is quite efficient in digging soil.

Lawn Edger: A lawn edger is used to draw a perfectly parallel seam. There is a huge variety of lawn Edgers are available in the market for trimming the outlines of shrubs, hedges or grass to perfection.

Pruning Shears: Pruning shears are used to cut and trim plants and dead branches. They help in cutting the plant neatly without ripping them apart. There are usually two types of pruning shears available that can be operated either through hand or machines.

Trowels: Trowels are similar to spades but are more pointed and longer. Depending on the requirement, they can either be narrow or wide. There are many designs that make digging easier from a trowel. A rubber handle is generally added to a trowel to provide better grip in digging solid soil.

Hoes: Weeds are extremely dangerous for a garden, if left unattended; they can easily destroy plants and vegetation. Hoes are designed for removing weeds and can also be used to prepare the soil.

Lawn Mower: Lawn mowers are used to trim grass and are available in both the models- power driven and manually operated. A land mower comprises of blades that rotate and cut the grass evenly. In addition to these tools, a wide range of Gardening Tools and equipment is available in the market today.

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We supply all kinds of gardening equipments Including Weed Cutter, Lawn Mower, Brush Cutter, Gang Mower, Green Mower, Chain Saw, Shredding Machine etc.

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