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Cat litter cleaning just got easier, thanks to cat litter crystals.

Author: Sarah Coolen
by Sarah Coolen
Posted: Feb 19, 2016

Pets have been a source of fun to the human being since the beginning of humanity. Nowadays almost all kinds of animals are considered as pets by people. Cats and birds are among the most popular pets across the globe. People love them so much that they try their best to keep them happy and healthy. Keeping pets healthy and happy is associated with providing them a proper diet, and also keeping them clean and tidy. Hence great care must be taken while selecting the bird food that is best-suited for the little feathery guy. However, when it’s about cats, cleaning their litter is a tedious task. This has become exceptionally easy with the arrival of cat litter crystals in the market.

People usually spend a huge amount of money on buying the bird food, but they never think about whether the food is ideal for their birds’ health. Birds have mainly two categories, meat eaters and seed eaters. Birds that are kept as pets are mostly seed eaters. The most important thing that must be kept in mind while purchasing the bird food is that it should contain adequate amounts of nutrients so that the bird can get a balanced diet. Providing a complete meal on a regular basis has great importance because almost all diseases are caused by malnutrition. Each bird must be provided with food that meets their nutritional requirements. A bird food that contains 100 percent cereals is not a desirable choice for a meat eating bird.

Two other characteristics of the food that determine its effectiveness are colour and texture. Most of the bird foods available in the market today are brightly coloured. This is to ensure that the bird finds the food attractive and is drawn into tasting it. The food must also have the right texture to be liked by the bird; it shouldn’t be too slimy or too hard.

Keeping the pet clean is as important as feeding it. For people who keep cats as pets, cleaning their litter is indeed an undesirable chore. Cats are animals that don’t like unclean things, even if it is their own waste. Previously, people used to train their kitties to have a dump in clay or sand. Even though it can be disposed, carrying it around is indeed a tiresome job. Cat litter gets a horrible odour after some time. This cannot be controlled or reduced by using clay or sand.

A solution to this problem is using cat litter crystals instead of clay or sand. Cat litter crystals are small granules of sodium silicate or simply silica gel. They have a tremendous ability to absorb moisture from their surroundings. They absorb almost all water content from the faeces and urine and leaves behind just dry faeces, thanks to their moisture-absorbing character.

These are also available with certain fragrances; hence they can effectively reduce the horrible odour of the cat waste. A mechanism to stir the crystals will be helpful because by stirring, urine and other liquid particles are not allowed to settle down at the bottom. Here, cleaning involves removing dry faeces along with the crystals. Carrying them around is much easier when compared to clay and sand. It is true that the cat litter crystals are a bit expensive. But still, they are worth the money.

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