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11 Stressful Aspects of Life and Need of Health Insurance

Author: Saif Raza
by Saif Raza
Posted: Feb 23, 2016

Health is most important aspect of life, but is hard to maintain for long run. The stressful life further adds to the health woes. No one can escape the health trouble in today’s context. The best is to take precaution; and stay secure.

What are the stressful aspects of life, which leads to ill health consequences?

  1. Prolonged work schedule and tiring job activities
  2. Lack of sleeping and insomnia leading to weak immunity
  3. Sitting job for long hours
  4. Fast food, junk food, and skipping meals
  5. Lack of exercise and lazy lifestyle
  6. Smoking and stressful circumstances in life
  7. Financial devastation leading to mental anxiety
  8. Drugs and substance abuse leading to multiple organ disorders
  9. Alcohol consumption leading to acute or chronic liver issues or intestinal disorder
  10. Obesity leading to multiple health issues
  11. Pollution of air, water, and land is also responsible for severe health issues

These 11 aspects can make one prone to health disorders; and in today’s context one or the other aspect is present in everyone. Few of the aspects like pollution, hard office schedules, and lack of exercise are common in almost every urbanite. So, difficult to get rid of health issues; however, the best way is to follow a healthy lifestyle and take health care. The one of important aspect of health care is to opt for ‘affordable health insurance

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Why health insurance?

  1. The top 11 stressful aspects of health ascertains the fact that health trouble is common
  2. The best solution is to take health care, precaution, and an option to opt in health crisis
  3. Thus, the best option is to go for health insurance
  4. Health insurance is a health care plan, which give financial aid during hospitalization
  5. The aid is often in terms of cashless hospitalization, claim settlements, other medical benefits, miscellaneous benefits, and worry free recovery
  6. It’s the best way to avoid financial devastation or imbalances, which can be as a result of medical expenses

The 6 points are just a snapshot for convincing the benefits of having health care plan against rising health issues around the world. Today, hospitalization is common, medical drugs are costly, pre and post hospitalization charges are high, and overall the medical facilities costs are inflated to maximum. So, it will be very unusual to not opt for medical insurance plans.

What are the different health insurance plans?

  1. Care Health Insurance Plan
  2. Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan
  3. Explore Travel Insurance Plans
  4. Student Travel Insurance
  5. Assure Critical Illness Benefit Plan
  6. Secure Personal Accident Insurance
  7. Enhance Top Up Insurance for already Insured
  8. Joy Maternity Focus Health Insurance Plan

These 8 are general health insurance plan, and are available with all top insurance brands. It’s always advised to opt for health insurance policy from a reputed insurance company.


  1. Reputed company offers direct settlement with them, and excludes third party settlements
  2. Therefore, you get easy, instant, and fast claim settlements
  3. As claim settlement is direct, so the procedure is simple, time saving, and helpful in emergency situations
  4. As there’s no third party involved, so you can get all features in low premiums
  5. There will be no hassle in claim settlements
  6. Client satisfaction is always high priority of the top brands
  7. You get many benefits like ‘annual health check up’ with top brands
  8. They have huge number of hospitals registered under their network

There are other numbers of benefits, which you can access by opting for insurance policy. For more information you can contact the insurance experts or assistant online. You can buy insurance policy in 2 minutes.

About the Author

This article has been published by Saif Raja, a regular blog writer on Insurance Policy. You can find info on Accident Health Insurance

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