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35mm film photography or digital camera: Which is better?

Author: Rick Jefferson
by Rick Jefferson
Posted: Feb 24, 2016
The 35 mm film is used most commonly for the chemical still photographs and motion pictures. The name, 35mm or the film gauge actually refers to the overall width of the film which comes around to 34.98mm. Digital photography is the great way of taking photographs but it is very essential to keep in mind the hidden costs. In the digital photography, the photographer can shoot in the rapid succession unlike in the film photography where the professional is expected to press his shutter at the right moment. The film photographer needs to anticipate the photos due to the limited resource or the film. In fact, the skill of anticipating the photographs gets lost in the digital photography. It is due to this reason that one gets sharper photos in the 35 mm film processing. The end product or the printed photo is sharper and clearer in case of films.

Digital cameras are expensive!

There was a time when the digital cameras were simply offering 1 or 2 million Mega Pixel per inch and in fact any digital camera offering this much Mega Pixel was very pricey. Nowadays, the digi cams offer 5-7mega pixel resolution and the best part is that they come at lower rates nowadays. When the digital camera is at the range of 7-9 mega pixels only then it can offer photographs as sharp and clear as the film photographs.

How can the digital camera help avoid awkward situation?

Buying the 35mm roll of film and then developing photos is a pricey affair. Some of the shots you took would always be bright while the rest would be light. The worst part is that there would be some people at least who would have their eyes closed during the photo session. You would never know about such photos till you got the end product. With the help of a digital camera you can easily avoid such situations. One can check the photos by seeing the preview screen. Then, in the digital camera there is also the advantage of deleting the photos which are useless. In the film photographs, there was no such benefit.

Downloading the snaps with ease

Once you take the photos, you can download them in the computer and see which are good. You can make choices between the photos prior to giving them for printing. You also have the advantage of sending the downloaded photos to anyone via the email. The person can also edit the photos as per the choice by using the applications or by pulling them into the Photoshop. The shape and size of the photos will get changed. Make use of the photo printers to simplify the things. Photos can be taken from the camera and they will be printed straightaway.

Now it is also possible to buy the inexpensive digital cameras online. When compared to the 35mm film processing, you must go for the digital cameras. In this digital era, cameras are even there in the smart phones. If you want to collect more information on the same, you can visit the official link Camden Photo Centre.

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