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Why is home tuition Singapore important?

Author: John Shawn
by John Shawn
Posted: Feb 29, 2016

Why is education important in Singapore?

One of the surest methods you can use to improve your child’s life in Singapore is education. In fact, Singapore is said to have the smartest kids in the world. Without education, your kids will get nowhere in the world we live in today. Here are some of the reasons why education is so important in Singapore.

1. Good education system

The education system in Singapore is excellent. You child will be taken through programs that have been prepared to make your child compete internationally. The teachers are always ready and willing to help the students become better day by day.

2. More opportunities

Children who are given the best education have a higher chance of landing some of the best jobs. Most jobs today require your kid to have quality education. Educated children also have a higher chance of keeping their jobs once they are employed.

3. Financial Independence

A good education will enable your child to qualify for most jobs. With a job, they can be financially independent and be helpful the when it comes to reducing poverty levels in the society.. With the steep inflation rates and rapidly changing lifestyles, only education will enable your kid live the best life even after your death.

4. Making Connections

In school, children make new friends that can be very helpful in future. Those friends may help them secure jobs or other business opportunities that many help then in their life.

5. Happier and healthier life

Studies have shown that children who are well educated are likely to live a happier and healthier life. Educated children will have fewer health complications, divorces among other problems compared to uneducated children.

6. Economic growth

With education, many children will be able to engage themselves in activities that lead to economic growth. By taking your child to school you are working hard to ensure that Singapore’s will become even better in future.

7. Sharpening important skills

When your child goes to school, he or she is able to do well in academic as well as extra curriculum activities that are geared towards improving their social, physical and emotional skills. By improving these skills, they will be able to become more open minded, inquisitive, creative, confident, and knowledgeable. All these traits are required to become a professional in future.

8. Promote equal competition

Programs offered in most schools in Singapore will make your child become very competent anywhere in the world. He or she will be able to compete equally like other job seekers or students globally.

When should you hire a tutor for your child?

However, taking your child to school only in some cases does not work out as you expect. They might not be getting the close attention he or she requires from the teachers. Apart from that, you should accept that there are fast learners and slow learners in school. That is the reason why you should be involved in analyzing your child’s education progress. If you notice that they are not progressing as required, then you should take the necessary action as a concerned parent. Why should you pay school fee and your children are not progressing as you expect? It doesn’t make sense at all. Even if your kids performs very well, a tutor may be able to make him better and better. Here are some of the key signs that will indicate your children needs a tutor and home tuition urgently.

1. Dropping grades

If your child has been performing well, his grades may start slipping suddenly. On the other hand, if they have been performing poorly and his grades keep on getting worse, then he needs tuition. Even the teachers that believe your child can perform well advice you to get a tutor for him.

2. Poor time management

Let’s face it, student who perform poorly in school have a problem when it comes to time management. If you notice that your kids learning disability is caused by poor time management, there are professional tutors that are ready to help you and your children out. A tutor can be able to improve your child’s study habits by helping him or her stop postponing homework and keep up even when workloads increase.

3. Confusion

Your child could be under performing due to lack of understanding. If she is constantly puzzled by some concepts that are taught in class, then her grades won’t be as good as you expect them to be. It is a daunting task to understand whether the confusion is caused by the curriculum concepts or laziness. If you notice that your kid is anxious about a test and defends himself when you try to help out, its time you look for an experienced tutor who will help him understand the concepts that puzzle him to ensure he achieves better grades.

4. Lack of confidence

Typically, it’s natural to lack confidence when learning new concepts. But that does not mean that your child won’t be able to learn all those concepts. If you notice that they are performing poorly because she lacks confidence, you can boost her confidence and improve her approach to learning new concept by hiring a tutor. Singapore home tuition will enable them to become confident and self-assured in class, and don’t be surprised to see her grade improving.

5. Learning disorders

If your child has been diagnosed with disorders that impair their learning ability such as dyslexia, visual processing process or even ADHD, you should hire a tutor. Such children need special attention to be able to compete with their peers at school. The good news is that there are tutors that have been trained to handle children with such disorders. The will make the learning process more enjoyable and less difficult for such student who need special attention.

6. Less supervision

If your child is not receiving enough attention and supervision at school or at home, workloads will increase and he won’t get the enough attention and study time that is required. Sometimes you don’t understand the concepts that are taught in school and you can’t supervise your child when they are doing their homework. If you can’t be able to supervise their education, tutors are the right people to help you out.

Benefits of hiring a tutor for your child

The competition in most schools is fierce and the bar has been set so high. Yes, you heard me right. That is why you should do everything to make your child a top achiever. Below are some of the benefits of a home tutor for your children.

1. Identifying and solving the problem

If you can’t seem to understand what makes your child perform so poorly, without doubt a tutor will be able to easily tell why. The tutor will be able to pin point and work on improving your child’s weak points. Once the weak points have been turned into strengths, your child will be able to perform better than the top students.

2. Special attention

With a home tutor, your child will be able to get one on one attention which may be all he needs to improve his grades. The tutor will be able to help them focus in areas where he needs special attention making the teaching process even more effective unlike in school.

3. Better learning

When your child finds a tutor that understands his or her problems and weak points very well, they will be able to learn most concepts at their pace unlike in school. In school, the teacher is forced teach according to the pace of the whole class, not accommodating slow learners who find it difficult to cope up. But when kids learns at their own pace, learning and grasping confusing concepts becomes much easier.

4. Extra practice

Practice makes perfect. The key to effective learning of confusing concepts is practice. Home tutors are able to make your child become better by giving more assessment questions that are aimed at improving your children’s overall understanding of the concepts.

5. Flexibility

Private classes are flexible and you can easily choose the time and days which you need them to study. This way, students will get sufficient time to study at school, at home, and even find time to participate in extra curriculum activities which are highly recommendable.

6. Improved assessment

Private classes will enable you, the parent, and the tutor to assess your child in a better way. It’s only through quality assessment that you will be able to tell whether they are improving or not.

Finding the right tutor can be a daunting task, especially if you have had no previous experience. If you wish to learn how to find the best tutor in Singapore, please read on.

  1. Is always prepared and arrives on time.
  2. Is friendly, and treats the student well.
  3. A good tutor encourages the student to work hard.
  4. A good tutor had excellent assessment skills.
  5. Understands nonverbal communication.
  6. Understands all the concepts your child is supposed to learn or understand.

There are many home tuition agencies in Singapore that have thousands of qualified home tutors at their disposal anytime. But to find the best home tutor for your child, you have to choose the right home tuition agency Singapore. Here are 4 key factors you should consider when choosing a home tuition agency Singapore.

1. Experience

Is the home tuition agency new in the market? There are some home tuition agencies in Singapore that have not been in the market for long. They don’t have a proven track record like the most established home tuition agencies. To avoid hiring a tutor who doesn’t have the expertise and experience required to make your child a top achiever in school, avoid less experienced home tuition agencies.

2. Reputation

How do the tutors from the company you are about to hire treat their students and parents? There are some home tuition agencies with tutors that don’t know how to treat students and their parents. To find the best home tuition agency, do a little research online and only choose agencies that have rave reviews online regarding the efficiency of their tutors. Don’t just choose any home tuition agency just because it has a nice looking name and website. You may end up wasting your money for no good reason.

3. Cost

The home tuition agency should be able to give you a quote for what they will be charging for their services. The best home tuition agencies are dedicated to putting a smile on your face and your child’s face by providing the best services at affordable prices. However, there are some agencies that put their interests first and charge more compared to the quality of service that they offer.

Verdict: Is home tuition worth paying for in Singapore?

To this end, Home Tuition Singapore is highly recommendable for parents who are looking to improve their children’s grades. Home tuition is not new in Singapore, and it has been so effective when it comes to improving the student’s level of understanding and performance. You don’t have to worry anymore if your child is a slow learner or a poor performer, with the right home tuition agency, you will set your child’s path to success by hiring the right home tutor.

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