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Choosing Between the Regular and Rollback Towing Trucks in Dallas, TX

Author: Kaitlin Jhon
by Kaitlin Jhon
Posted: Mar 01, 2016
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If you have ever experienced and accident that made your car unable to move from the point A to point B, then you will surely be aware of the importance of having the contact number of a reliable company for towing and recovery in Dallas, TX . These days, there are the different companies offering towing services to help people in their bad times. They will have the different towing vehicles in their fleet and all would say that they are the best, when it comes to tow your damaged car from one point to another in a fast and secure manner. Unfortunately, there is no point to believe their words without doing a proper research yourself. But before that, you should also have to make sure that what type of towing service is actually best for you.

When it comes to towing a vehicle in Dallas TX, then this can either be done through a regular towing truck or by a rollback tow truck. Let’s take a look at the both options one-by-one to know which option is better than the other:

The regular tow truck

A regular towing truck is the original tow truck that uses a chain or a rope to make a connection between the car and the truck in order to drag it to the location where the client wants to move it. This was the old method that is slow and needs the driver to be more careful while moving as he would also have to keep an eye on the moving damaged vehicle behind that is connected to it. While turning in the congested streets, the linked damaged vehicle can easily get more damaged and ultimately, the moving process can slow down a great deal. This can be good for the short distances, but for the long distance towing, I will never recommend you to hire a regular tow truck.

Rollback tow truck

On the other hand, a rollback tow truck is the latest methods of towing the damaged vehicles from one point to another. This doesn’t need the vehicle to be connected through a rope or chain to the truck. Instead, it has a platform at its back, at which the damaged vehicle is securely loaded. Once the damaged vehicle is loaded on the rollback tow truck platform, then the driver can easily drive away the truck to the new location without worrying about the damaged vehicle. This will not only keep the damaged vehicle safe from further damages, but it also makes the process faster.

So, we can say that a rollback tow truck is a better choice from many aspects. There are also the situations in which an accidental vehicle gets its back wheels jammed or broken. So, in such situations, it will become impossible for a regular tow truck to move the vehicle to the new location. Hence, for car towing in Dallas, TX that has the damaged or jammed back wheels, you can opt for the rollback tow trucks. Before you hire a towing company you must need to conduct a proper research about its reputation and credibility.

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