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Considering Awnings For Installation

Author: Andrew Parks
by Andrew Parks
Posted: Mar 02, 2016

When it comes to installing awnings, business owners often face dilemma. This happens because of the variety available, and because of the different functions of each kind of awning. It becomes confusing to pinpoint the one that is right for use. This article highlights some good points of various kinds of awnings available in the market to help you choose the one that fits perfectly with your business idea and style. This article also discusses the factors that need to be considered while purchasing an awning.

The first factor is weather. Since awnings are meant for outdoor use, they take a lot of beating from the weather. It is, therefore, very important that you understand weather behavior in your area. For highly windy areas, awnings with a heavy weight are preferred. Where there is high rainfall, retractable awnings are the right choice. In areas of serious summers, awnings made from special fabrics can be used. These fabrics are thick enough to stop the heat but permeable enough to allow natural light to pass through. This way, your customers can stay cool even during periods of intense heat. In areas of heavy snowfall and dust, significant weight can get piled up over an awning. If not cleaned on time, the structural elements may give in due to the weight.

The second factor to consider is use. If you want an awning above your window, then the options will vary. It will be different from what you can have installed over a patio or above your door. It is, thus, best to talk to a professional to understand which kind of awning will work best with your requirements.

Canvas awnings are the most popular kind of awnings. They are used extensively as patio awnings. It is very easy to have them printed with the logo of the company using them, therefore are the first choice of most businesses. Take ice cream for example. The ice cream truck has a retractable canvas awning installed on it with company branding printed over it. It can be retracted when the truck is moving and expanded when the seller is doing business.

Aluminium is a popular metal which has found its way in the awning universe. Aluminium awning is popular because of the aesthetic appearance that it gives to a space. It looks very modular and trendy. It has rotatable slits which can be set at an angle to allow sunlight to come in when required. Other times, this awning can stay closed to avoid excessive light to pass through. Although aesthetically very pleasing to look at, this awning may create heating troubles because aluminium is a metal.

Awnings, in general, are installations that benefit the owner in many ways. They help to reduce the amount of heat entering your home, which in turn reduces cooling bills. They help to keep the customers of a business cool and breezy as they have their meals. They protect exposed constructions from extreme weather.

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Tina Horton is a well known interior designer and decorator and has a knack of picking out the best quality products from the market to use for her projects. To help fellow designers and home owners out in doing the same, she likes to write about her latest finds in the market in highly informative articles. If you are looking for shelves, window panes or garage doors Pittsburgh decorator Tina will help you find it with her articles.

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Andrew Parks is a specialist awnings contractor and bulk dealer. He reasons that affixing awnings to the fenestration of a building helps to accrue many physical and psychological benefits.

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