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Start Your Music Lesson With A Diatonic Hohner Harmonica

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Mar 02, 2016

The harmonica is a great musical instrument and especially Hohner Harmonica. The Hohner is a trusted name in the harmonica for over a century. And they are still a coveted name with their Diatonic; Country tuned Diatonic, Chromatic Tremolo and other types. The instruments are loved by music players, and each item has its exclusive use and is designed keeping in mind the particular groups. The Tremolo Soloist model from the Hohner is ideal for the folk musicians. The distinctive feature of this solo-tuned instrument is that you can get two full octaves. One side of the Harmonica will give you G major and C major on the other side.

The beginners guide

Before you start playing your Hohner Harmonica, it is better to know something about the harmonica classifications to select a suitable instrument for the beginners. It is better to choose a Hohner because it is the most experienced lot. Now, bending is a technique used by the player to lower the pitch of the note. If you are playing a diatonic harmonica, then you will find four possible bending in a diatonic harmonica. In the case you are using a chromatic harmonica in the instrument, there will be a button. The harp will play the major scale in normal mode. If you play the instrument with the button pressed you will get the notes or the in between half steps.

Selection of harmonica

The choice of your Hohner Harmonica will depend on what you want to play. The diatonic harmonica is marked with rocks, blues, folk and country music. It can play all seven notes of the major scale and many in-between by bending the notes. It is almost a must for all professional players. The 20 key models marked as Hohner special are available for the scales A, B, C, D, E and F. The Hohner’s special 20 key C is particularly suitable for the beginners. Though it has a typical use as stated earlier, the diatonic s is played in all types of music including the classical music.

The special effects

The special effect is an integral part of any composition. To make the special effect part the versatility the Hohner Harmonica has their Tremolo series. The impact of Tremolo is made by creating double holes of the same note. But the characteristic is, to make one hole tuned slightly higher than the other. If you play the diatonic harmonica with this trick, the draw or blow will play and give a very rich sound with the tremolo effect. Another such instrument is available is called octave tuned. The layout of the keys has similarity with the tremolo type the difference is, however, in the tuning. In the double-hole pair, there is an octave difference between the pair.

Buying the harmonica

Buying of harmonica will depend on your natural bending. If you have that it-thing, that makes all the difference between an artist and a commoner. If you have that talent, you will probably need a set of the instrument. But, better to start with a diatonic from the Hohner and the harmonicas are now available online and that too with loyalty points redeemable at the time of next purchase. So, happy hunting! For more information visit us at :

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