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10 Reasons Why Uber is Here to Stay

Author: Kevin John Kevin John
by Kevin John Kevin John
Posted: Mar 03, 2016

Uber has touched the world and change a great deal about how it operates. This is the prime reason why one shouldn’t expect the business to die out soon. The ways in which it touched the world are so many that we can discuss them all day and still not be through. So, in stating reasons why the Uber business is here to stay, we would typically be trying to do our deal on the Uber revolution and how significant it is.

1. Uber Filled A Space

There was a hole in the transport industry before the rise of Uber. There was a big vacuum that had to be filled. This space is simple – the industry needed a safe, reliable and cheap alternative to taxis. Long ago people would stand by the road side and wait for cabs to come; now you make a car come to you with Uber, maybe even an Uber black car.

2. Uber Saves a Whole Lot of Time

Many people spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get a taxi: This has caused several individuals lots and lots of money, even without them knowing. You ask how? I’ll show you in the simplest picture. The saying "Time is money" is true and it means that time is equal to money, so is time wasted to money wasted.

3. Uber Flows With an Ever-living Trend

Guess what this is… technology. Yes, as funny as it may sound, the fact that Uber follows the global craze that the growing world of technology is leading is one reason why it will remain ever young. Technology is a recurring decimal, it continues to interest a great population of young minds – creating and continuously recreating a new base of customers for Uber as more children grow into teenagers. The fascinating easy life riding on the wings of the new-day trend (technology) gives Uber a sense of immortality.

4. Uber Took a Major Global Pain Away

"Hailing" is the global pain we are talking about. It might seem like I have discussed it before, but let's just ignore the fact that "hailing a cab" is what wastes the time that we discussed above, "hailing a cab" on its own is an inconvenience. Now something comes that ensures that the average passenger never has to do that, or wait in bad weather – I guess for me I’d stick to that thing.

5. Uber is Expanding

That is one great reason too you know. When stagnancy is allowed a room, regression is imminent. Six years and counting, Uber has basically had no resting minute. Uber is providing its service in close to 400 cities and over 58 countries and they still are not resting. This is a sign that the business might be hanging on for quite a long time.

6. Uber is Diverse

I would have attempted to mention every Uber service right now if it weren’t difficult. Uber has had its diversity as a strong weapon in the ridesharing industry. Still it is spreading into several other sectors. They’re extending their reach into sectors like food delivery, message conveyance, chopper rides and many more. Diversity is a key element in business; it makes your business an all-in-one asset to people. They do not have to look elsewhere.

7. Uber is Safe

The safety of both the Uber driver (Uber partner) and passenger is totally a priority when you study the way Uber operates. They have both parties submit all necessary personal details and drivers are taken through strong registration processes, including an elaborate background check. Not to mention the fact that Uber’s cashless policy is to ensure that both parties do not have to carry money around, especially since robbery is a major case with driving regular taxis.

8. Uber is For Everyone

Let me try to make this very succinct. There is UberX a low-cost service, UberBLACK for the financially strong, UberXL for the circle of friends or family, UberASSIST for the disabled, UberPOOL for the ones who wish to meet someone going the same way, UberFAMILY for your kids. Please tell me (in the comment box) which group of people has been omitted from this world.

9. Uber Ended Taxi Monopoly

Before the rise of the Uber business, most of the attention was on the only available choice – taxis. Aware of the fact that they were the people’s only choice, cabbies saw to it that they ripped the masses’ pocket apart, with no hospitable service to show for it. Uber came and made this different. Across all cities where Uber is operational as we speak, Uber is giving the regular taxi men a run for their money. In fact, many have been forced to consider a more reasonable pricing scheme.

10. Uber makes people their own bosses

The business is one that encourages the now growing world of independent contractors. The ‘no-boss’ nature of the business is making it easier for many to consider it the easiest type of job to do on the side, or even full-time. There is no particular working time-frame and no restrictions. People want to be free and this idea is having more people open up to the Uber business as a good choice. This is a personally drafted list of reasons why I think the Uber business will outlive its founders. Feel free to share with me in the comment box if you have yours.

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-by Ola John

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