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Use Widow contactors to help grow your plants

Author: Sia Benet
by Sia Benet
Posted: Mar 07, 2016

Nowadays, growing plants on alternative medium is slowly becoming popular all over the world. Hydroponic growing techniques are applied to plants and these efficiently manage the plant’s need for nutrients, water and light to produce yields which are not readily possible through open farming. For this, you will need the assistance of specialised products like artificial lighting, Widow contactors, tanks, fertilisers and Cyco nutrients. These help in the growth of plants which are raised indoors. These techniques of growing plants involve use of the right amount of water and nutrients and therefore there is no environmental loss. Through this technique you can grow plants in places where they cannot or where soil isn’t available. Using the right products of course helps in better yields.

Widow contactors are popular products preferred by most horticulturists. These are made from premium components and are known to offer better control on the artificial lighting system. Serious gardeners rely on these for their high reliability factor. The brand Widow offers a range of heavy duty units that can help you regulate HID lighting. Cyco nutrients are essential for plant growth as they use the latest technologies and are derived from the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. They provide a high performance set of balanced ingredients which helps in the developmental cycle of plants.

Widow contactors are available in many versions – the two-, four-, six- and eight-way versions which are made from quality manufacturing components. As they are professional agriculture grade, there is minimal heat sink. They also have rubberised mould plugs. They have a built in timer which makes your job hassle free. Cyco nutrients are a good soilless medium which guarantee large and better yield. These are full of additives and nutrients needed for effective hydroponic gardening, resulting in healthy and beautiful flowering plants. The products are pest-free and are made from environmental friendly ingredients.

Widow contactors are professional grade timers that have accessible hanging brackets as well as switchable sockets. It is beneficial to use contactors for HID lighting because timers alone are not sufficient to handle the initial start-up load of such lighting. The timers eventually get damaged easily and can even pose to be electrical hazards. A contactor’s job is to alternate high loads between the HID lighting and the power source. Cyco nutrients like Cyco Bloom and Cyco Grow have ingredients such as potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen which are important for plant growth. You can consult feed charts provided on the website of a reputed hydroponics wholesaler for detailed information. While these do not counter for personal experience and your environment, they are a good source of information.

The reasons for the popularity of hydroponic techniques are many. To take part in this system of growing your plants without the need of soil, you need to use the best products that ensure maximum yield. When you use products such as Widow contactors and Cyco nutrients, you can be sure that you are giving your plants what they need. The contactors help you with HID lighting without posing any hazard or damage and the nutrients are pest-free and environmental friendly to guarantee best results. You can find out more by contacting a hydroponics distributor located nearby.

For proper horticulture care, use products like Widow contactors ( ) that help in controlling artificial lighting. Cyco nutrients ( ) are essential for soilless plant growth.

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