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The Teaching In Pre-Schools And Early Education Centers In Northridge, CA

Author: Petite School House
by Petite School House
Posted: Mar 09, 2016

The method of teaching in preschools is the first thing that differentiates these education centers from traditional pattern of schooling. Pre-schools in Northridge or the early education centers focus on devising strategies to use ideas and innovative techniques to make children learn concepts and basic skills. It is a known fact that a picture is worth more than a thousand. In a similar manner, when it comes to preschool teaching methods, educators need to use a host of different and interesting ways to make learning an exciting proposition for kids. The use of colours or hues and interesting teaching material would help a child learn better and concept learned will go a long way in his/her memory.

During the early childhood period, kids are a strongly affected by the influence of their peers. They tend to imitate whatever their fellow mates do; and therefore, it is important that they are surrounded by children who are tolerant and inviting. In this stage, they generally are inquisitive in nature and have the habit of questioning the logic behind things or phenomena around them. It’s absolutely necessary that they receive proper guidance to identify and recognize concepts so that their thirst for knowledge is quenched. The quality of surroundings will have a direct impact on a child’s socialization. Behaviour, dialect, attitudes and social aptitudes are some of the common things that a child learns in a preschool in Northridge, CA.

Hence, it is emphasized that the pre-schools are made attractive and perky so as to catch, retain and hold the attention of the children. The walls are painted with warm hues that are attractive and have cartoon characters painted on them. Attractive toys and illustrative books are put up on shelves so as to make the classroom look peppy. The boring traditional furniture is replaced by specially designed colorful furniture that appeals to children’s psyche. The edges of the furniture are rounded to avoid injuries to the children. Interesting activities are devised so that the children are involved in them throughout. Proper attention is given to the active engagement of each and every child which would further improve his concentration power. The teachers too, are trained to give personal attention to the needs and problems of students. Not only this, children are trained to understand the merits of proper health and wellness and this is done by conducting physical training programs for their healthy development.

Apart from the interactive teaching-learning methods followed in Northridge pre-schools, food is also made available to the students. A lot of creativity is involved while preparing dishes so that even the dullest of food items look attractive and irresistible to eat. For developing an understanding of outside world, kids are taken to field trips- to zoos and museums and are made familiar with art, culture, flora and fauna.

Some Northridge pre-schools transform into day care centers that assist children of working parents who are too young to learn things. Pre-schools are now an indispensable part of the growth and learning of children and have helped in giving productive, responsible and capable students to the society. Students who have had the privilege of getting pre-school education fare better in matters of social interactions as compared to those who haven’t. It instills a sense of confidence in them, ensuring that they are able to make the best of their entire lives.

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