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Modernize Your Kitchen With Granite Countertops

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Mar 09, 2016

It is estimated that granites come second only to diamonds among the best precious stones that are available on earth; granite is use for a variety of purposes such as flooring as well as kitchen countertops; granite countertops are the leading type of installation when building new homes but especially during any kitchen remodel project. There are many good reasons why people today prefer granite countertops over other materials such as glass, ceramic tiles or marble. Among the reasons is the fact that granite is among the strongest precious stones apart from diamonds and they can, therefore, withstand any kind of pressure; these highly durable countertops can last for several decades if the proper maintenance schedule is followed.

Another one of the great advantages of granite is their low maintenance; you actually don’t have to do anything as far as maintenance is concerned because it just doesn’t hold on to any kind of stain. With soap and water you are good to go in cleaning and because it is a tough stone is almost completely resistant against any cracks or breakages. Granite is a unique stone of its kind and is so exceptional you will never find anything else that looks like it; every piece is unique and distinctive with its own epitome of beauty and a wide variety of designs and colors that are simply mesmerizing.

Another great thing about granite countertops is that they are oil and heat resistant; this means that it can remain clean and germ-free unlike other types of countertops and no amount of heat from your hot pots will ever dent or burn it. This is a major reason it has remained popular for making countertops ever since it was discovered. Apart from its functionality, granite countertops can be chosen carefully so as to add to the décor of the room where it is installed. It is an open secret that the market value of any home will greatly depend on its interiors and kitchens that have granite countertops will definitely attract a good number of buyers; most people prefer to install distinctive countertops in bathrooms, kitchens and drawing rooms.

The range of colors for granite countertops is varied and you can choose from black, gray, green, blue or red. Because of its elegance, red colored countertops are normally the most expensive ones but they are worth the while thanks to their beauty. Green shades are also very popular and because they are available in different shades of green they can easily embellish any room. There are black colored granites and the quite popular as well as blue soothing colors and browns that are also used extensively.

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