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Six Excellent Metals for men’s best wedding bands

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Mar 10, 2016
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Buying wedding rings for your big day is one of the biggest hurdles faced by couples. You have to pick a metal that fits your personality/ style, consider its longevity and price and choose one that will last the duration of the marriage. This means that if possible, your wedding band should last decades.

Knowing the metal you desire for your wedding band will ease your shopping struggles.

1. Platinum rings

Because of its rarity, platinum wedding bands are very expensive and therefore considered noble. They have a satin-life finish giving them a subtle and classy look.

If you are allergic to metal, this will be the best band for you because of its hypoallergenic properties. This keeps your sensitive skin safe. A platinum ring will last long into your marriage. It is heavy, durable (no tarnishing) and hard.

2. Gold wedding bands

This is a traditional choice for most men and women. It popularity makes it the easiest to wear and repair. Though you might want a purely golden ring, this is impossible to craft because of its softness. Gold alloys (copper, silver and zinc) make the best alternative. 22, 18 or 9 carat gold rings would be a good choice because other strong metals can be added to them to give them extra strength.

In case you prefer a silvery white ring, white gold rings are available. They are made by alloying gold with metals like zinc and nickel. Traditional Russian wedding rings are made of two or more tons of gold.

3. Silver wedding bands

Men’s wedding bands have been known to depict the manliness of the groom. As a result, rings that are not shiny are often preferable. They are close to platinum in appearance but they are less shiny and well, very affordable.

Just like gold, pure silver cannot be crafted. Therefore, it’s alloyed with metals like copper to increase durability.

Sterling silver is a preferred form of silver for men’s wedding bands because of the darker grey tome. It is 925 parts per thousand silver.

4. Titanium bands

This is another preferable choice for men’s wedding bands. It has a lustrous grey tone and is particularly lightweight. It’s very durable but the strength makes it hard to resize.

5. Cobalt wedding bands

They are a newer type of alloy, naturally white, strong and resistant to corrosion. This means that you can go swimming and fishing without worrying about your ring. Plus, you wouldn't want a ring that you’ll have to remove every time you need to touch water.

Cobalt bands are however allergenic and react with skin oils causing permanent stains an on the ring and scars on your fingers.

6. Tungsten wedding bands

This is a common type of wedding band for men. It is very strong but cannot be resized. Therefore, when shopping you have to have it crafted with a little extra space to allow for expansion, contraction and even growth. However, it can be designed and crafted according to your preference and style.

It is a good choice for many because of the steel-coloured, non-scratch properties. You should also know that they have moderate heat and electricity conductivity and if you choose to buy them, you will be prompted to remove them where heat and electricity are involved.

In conclusion, choose a ring that fits you. People are different. Above all, find a ring that will carry that special meaning for long and also one that can be worn everywhere.

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