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Add Convenience to Your Lifestyle with a Savaria Residential Elevator

Author: Jai Gaitonde
by Jai Gaitonde
Posted: Mar 11, 2016

Premium quality Savaria residential elevators add value to homes and enhance people’s lifestyles. They are a real blessing for people with mobility issues and the elderly, allowing them to access the various levels of their home safely and conveniently. Devices with good load capacity can also be used to transport heavy goods such as laundry, furniture, grocery, luggage, and many other items from one floor to another.

If you live in New York or New Jersey, the best way to purchase a Savaria accessibility product is from a reliable dealer in accessibility equipment. A established elevator company would offer a range of home elevators from this leading manufacturer and also provide smooth and safe installation.

Reliable Home Elevator Models from Savaria

Most Savaria residential elevators models come with high-end safety features such as emergency stop, alarm buttons, non-skid platform, slack cable safety brake, cab gate safety switch upper and lower terminal limits, in-use indicator lights on hall station and adjustable sling. This manufacturer offers four different types of home elevators:

>> Infinity Luxury - Its precision hydraulic drive system provides an ultimate smooth ride. Whether you are renovating or building new, your dealer can incorporate the Infinity into your home. It is also suitable for extra weight capacity. The Infinity can handle up to 1400 lb (635 kg).


> Magnetic floor selection

> Submersible pump and motor

> Variable speed pressure valve

>> Eclipse – The Eclipse is the right choice if you have space concerns to house the drive mechanism. This smooth riding system does not require a separate machine room and usually takes less time to install than hydraulic devices.


> Compact chain drive system

> Hide-away gate

> Easy-access service panel

>> Gearless – Gearless traction technology provides a smooth, whisper-quiet ride from start to finish. A bi-directional overspeed governor and slack cable safety brake ensures reliable and safe operation. Its compact design requires less overhead clearance and pit depth than other designs in the market.


> Uni-body rail system

> Easy-access service panel

> Recessed gate pocket

>> Telecab – This option is the easiest and quickest ways to add an elevator to your home. This unit requires minimal construction because no hoistway is required for installation. Its modern design accommodates two stops making it a very economical choice.


> No hoistway or pit required

> Modern, neutral-toned design

> Reliable enclosed drive system

For safe installation and reliable performance of your Savaria residential elevator, ensure purchase from a reputable dealer. Reliable companies also provide efficient maintenance, inspection and testing support.

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Author: Jai Gaitonde

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