Web Project Principles - What Makes a Good Web Design?

Author: Robert Pitula
by Robert Pitula
Posted: Apr 03, 2016

A professional looking website is crucial for any type of business as most of the potential customers is accessing the internet due to the increase in mobility. It is upto you how you can convert your visitors into sales by delivering a user – friendly web design which ultimately represents your brand.

If you are planning to create a new website or redesigning your existing one, consult a reputed web design firm who can create an appealing and polished website for you following a number of design principles. Let’s start now -

Is it Usable?

The reason behind a successful website is a good use – experience. You should direct the user’s eyes through a sequence of steps. Focus on these elements – position, color, contrast, the size of design elements. Create an intuitive and easy to use navigation and call to action. Do not underestimate the laziness of your user. Provide minimal clicking,

Space -

I am sure you want to utilize all the space available for designing, but the fact is opposite works, spacing makes things clear. Consider these three aspects of space –

Line spacing – the space between the lines directly affects how readable your text appears. Both too little and too much spacing is not good, you can control line spacing in CSS with the 'line-height' selector.

Padding - Padding is the space between elements and text. Keep in mind, the text should never touch other elements.

White Space - White space is used to give balance, proportion and contrast to a page.

The About Us Page

This is the most common element or page we see on most of the business websites from small to large scale companies. Your About Us page must cover these topics ranging from how the company started, who the original owners were/are, as well as your mission and vision statements.For details, you can visit this site .

Contact InformationProvide users as many as options to contact you. You can give your physical address along with an email address and telephone number or you can allow them to fill an online contact form.

Call to Action

The call to action in web design should be clear, easy to use.

Search Engine Optimization

A good website with no visitors is invisible one. For growth of a website it is necessary users will link to your profile in as many as numbers, SEO will help you improve your visibility over the internet.


Use Optimized graphics, videos and audios in order to give the website the necessary speed it needs to load fast. Users will not wait for slow content to download.

Hopefully, these website design principles will help you create a site which meets your organizational goals.

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Robert Pitula is an experienced content Writer at iMediadesigns, the company provides quality website design services to all local businesses in Toronto.

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