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Tips on Storing Customized Chocolates & Keep it Fresh

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Mar 19, 2016
customized chocolate

Freshly made chocolates of various flavors and shapes are all time favorite for people of all ages. And if those simple chocolates are made look elegant by some customized packs then nothing can a better gift than that. Nobody says "no" to chocolates. And you need to treasure such cherished gifts. Chocolates if well preserved can be consumed till long.

Chocolates can be best gift for all. Be it any occasion- marriage, anniversary, festival or official party, customized Belgian chocolates in Dubai are the best possible gifts to make the occasion memorable one.

Here are some wonderful tips of storing customized chocolates in order to keep it fresh:

Store the customized chocolates in air tight jar:

Chocolates need to be well preserved. Keep it away from oxygen as it gets oxidized which differs from the original taste of chocolate.

Never refrigerate the chocolates:

Chocolates have the habit of absorbing smell of all the articles in your refrigerator, more it makes it hard. Chocolates kept in refrigerator makes the sugar to bloom over the chocolate which gives a bad whitish look to your beautiful customized chocolates.

Keep your chocolates away from light:

Chocolates must be kept away from any kind of light be it artificial light or sunlight. Light effects the original flavor of the chocolates.

Keep the chocolates in cool and dry place:

To keep the chocolates stable and cocoa butter and cocoa solid in the exact condition try to keep it in a place where humidity is less than fifty five percent and the temperature is within sixty five to sixty eight degree.


Due to summers and if you do not have air condition in your house you can store the chocolates in refrigerator but in that case wrap those chocolates in a wrapper properly and put it in an airtight packet. And ones to feel to consume those, bring it back to room temperature and then unwrap it. This will help you to store the chocolates for longer period.

But remember your wrapping must be tight enough so that it may not let air in and also before you have it remember to bring it back to the normal temperature. This is really mandatory.

Chocolates are just like treasure, you need to preserve it in proper way to enjoy it for a longer period of time.

Remember keep away your valuable chocolates from any kind of other eatable such as vegetables, meat, spices or any other eatables.

Life shelf of chocolates

  • Truffle and other filled chocolates- Four months

  • Milk chocolate solid - One year

  • Dark chocolate solid - Two year

  • White chocolate- Four months

If you are a chocolate lover then chocolatier of Dubai has brought fresh Belgian chocolates in Dubai which are customized to make it more special and ideal to celebrate all occasions. Chocovana, one of the famous and renowned chocolatier of Dubai has launched a huge range of customized Belgian Chocolates in Dubai for corporate gifting and celebration. is the most well-known chocolate companies in Dubai. If you are looking for a place to find Custom made chocolates in Dubai, drive straight to Chocovana and explore the widest range of chocolates.

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Author: Armaan Malik

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