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Go-Karting Tragic Injuries And How To Be Safe From Them

Author: Richard Perez
by Richard Perez
Posted: Mar 26, 2016

There is no doubt that go-karts are fun and entertaining. It is one of the adventure sports that can provide you hours and hours of excitement. But, if you are not following the safety guidelines and ride the kart as you wish, then there are chances of suffering from life threatening and serious injuries.

Leading go-kart injuries

If you take a look at the most common go-kart injury, you will find that head trauma is carrying the highest percentage. This is closely followed by the neck trauma. No matter if you are taking part in a fun go kart racing or riding the kart just for fun, you need to be checking out all safety aspects and also wear protective gear when you are behind the wheels of a go-kart. A head trauma occurs when your kart flips or driven in areas where there are lower branches. It is because of very poor driving practices that most novice kids and adults suffer from injuries. The following are some of the most common ways people get injured when they are on a go-kart track.

  • Go kart got flipped when making high speed maneuvers.
  • Ramming the kart into the side of a car.
  • Hit the wall or tree at high speed.
  • Crashing into the side walls or fence.

Most of these common accidents could have been avoided if you made use of safe go kart techniques. The accidents mentioned above could result in total body trauma and head injury.

Proper driving skills

It is very important for you to know how to drive a go-kart properly. Most of the younger generations do not have control over the speed and also do not understand the dangers that this machine possesses. It might look a small machine, but if it is driven at top speeds, you might lose control of the vehicle at top speeds. It is important to use speed governors in the kart when you are to go-kart track so that you will know that you are over speeding and need to turn the speed down. It is vital that you get tested before taking part in the fun go kart racing.

Adult supervision

If you are young, then the chances for getting injured driving go-karts rise by 60%. But, the accident percentages are drastically reduced if the young drivers are having an adult supervision over them. The adults will instill responsibility driving in the minds of the youngsters and make them to respect the vehicle. They will suggest the road where the youngsters can ride, when they should drive, driving time limits and tips on riding oversight. They will try to stop the kart whenever it is nearing dangerous. Safety is given utmost importance by adult supervisors and this will result in lower accidents by the youngsters. There is no way a young rider sits between the steering wheel and the driver of the go-kart. There is every chance for the kart to hit another kart and this rear end collision might sometimes be fatal.

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