A Checklist to Buy a Gold Chain for Men Online

Author: Alok Kumar
by Alok Kumar
Posted: Mar 31, 2016

Gold chains continue to be the symbol of money and prestige from the time kings and conquerors were ruling the country. It has been amongst the favorite adornment for men, echoing as an industrial innovation. There was a time when gold chains for men were quite simple with round or oval links in a row. But with the emergence of new bending and shaping machines, these chains comes in novel designs that are trendy yet traditional.

Yellow gold remains the metal of choice making chains a stylish option for men. When buying gold chain for men, there are a lot of factors you must give attentive consideration to. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Gold Purity- Prior to purchasing a golden chain online, don't forget to check its purity. It is imperative to know whether the chain is a solid gold or just gold plated. While plated gold chains are much cheaper, they wear off after some time and require gold plating from time to time. Likewise, there is a problem with hollow chains as well. These chains are easy to break and are nearly impossible to repair. Although hollow gold chains are less expensive & are lighter in weight, but solid gold chain is the best choice, if you are going to wear it quite often.
  2. Choosing the Karat - It is important to note that the purer the gold will be, the softer and less durable it will be. So, decide the karat of your gold chain carefully. If you are going to wear your chain on a frequent basis, you must skip the 2oKt and 22 Kt pieces. These will scratch more easily. Instead, go for 10Kt or 14Kt chains, which contain a higher percentage of non-gold alloys, and therefore are harder.

3. Inspect the Clasp - Just like the design, it is necessary to carefully check the clasp of the chain as well. Make sure the gold chain for men you intend to buy has a clasp that closes well and does not break easily. Avoid purchasing chains with a ring clasp as they are usually thin and not very secure. Instead, go with a lobster clasp that is strong and will not open easily if someone pulls your chain harder.

4. Go with a Smooth Design - Most of the people overlook to check the surface of the chain. Make sure it is smooth and does not cause any skin allergy. In case the chain is rough, wearing it for several hours will surely irritate your skin. Besides, check for any jagged pieces to avoid rashes or catching on your clothes.

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