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Realdose – Formula No. 1 for Weight Loss

Author: Rajeev Sahadevan
by Rajeev Sahadevan
Posted: Apr 01, 2016

Those who are on the lookout for weight loss, here’s real dose weight loss formula which helps you to lose weight easily.

Realdose – An all-natural product which have proven positive results in burning fat at an accelerated pace. Realdose Nutrition, an U S based company, has come up with a unique weight loss Formula No. 1 product, Realdose which helps in converting food into energy than fat and thus keep your body slim and healthy.Consequences of being overweight or obese:

Over-weight or Obese – It does bother people of all age groups very badly. The embarrassment and the difficulty in managing the extra weight is not an easy task. The suffering through which an over-weight person goes through is unimaginable.

An obese kid will always be short of friends in the school. Playing outdoor games with other kids is impossible and hence is always alone and sad. It will always be difficult to get variety of dresses for them.Grown-ups who are over-weight will have various health issues and will have difficulty in controlling food. For aged, over-weight is a hindrance for their daily activities and their overall health will be in a poor condition. Exercises, diet pills, food control – none of these might be giving you the desired result. All these steps are like treatment without proper diagnosis. The common problems faced by the over-weight people include:

  • they have constant craving for sweets and snacks
  • embarrassment in social situations
  • frustration due to grueling exercise programs
  • angry and tired with all the weight loss advice
  • disappointed with diet pills and weight loss shakes
  • feeling hopeless and depressed
  • disturbed personal relationships
  • difficulty in controlling food
  • health issues

Obesity or over-weight causes health problems like:

  • heart diseases
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • hypertension
  • stroke
  • osteoarthritis
  • breathing problems
  • sleep disturbances
  • gynecological problems
  • liver and gallbladder disease
  • and many more

What is the difference between over-weight and obesity?- If the BMI (body mass index), a measure of body fat based on height and weight, is above 25 it is overweight and if it is above 30 it is obesity.

Today’s lifestyle is primarily focused on slim, fit and healthy body. To be an active part of it, it has become a must that one should have a perfect and healthy body. The best way to attain the same is to maintain proper intake of required nutritious food every day, do regular exercises, be energetic and enthusiastic at all times, get involved in those activities which suite you the best, gain knowledge on the pros and cons of every factor which affects our life and take precautionary actions to avoid issues etc. Otherwise we do have supporting supplements which will help us in attaining a healthy body. Let’s have a look at one such major product.

Realdose – Formula no. 1 for weight loss – Why Did I go for it?

Let me share my real experience which made me go for Real dose weight loss formula.

My nephew has always been a food lover. Being the first baby in our family, we have been feeding him with all high nutritious food from 6 months onwards. He started eating non-vegetarian food from the age of two. He actually loves eating and we love feeding. The life went on like this for some years. He was the chubbiest baby in the class and neighborhood. He started growing in all angles, which means as he became older he was getting overweight and later obese also. At the age of 15, he was weighing 110 kilos. Now the family started focusing on his obesity and started with all possibilities of weight loss. Let me brief you the steps we jointly took to reduce his weight.

  • Food control – reducing the quantity of food
  • Stopped all fatty food stuffs
  • Regular exercises in the morning and evening
  • Even tried gym for a year or so

To be very frank, these steps didn’t give the desired results and at the same time it had some negative impacts on my nephew.

  • By controlling the intake of food, he started feeling tired and was unable to concentrate on his studies.
  • When he started his college life, he had to stay away from home and then it became difficult to give up non-vegetarian food as that was the only meal available in the hostel.
  • Long hours of project and other work related to the studies disturbed the regular pattern of exercises.
  • When he stops his sessions at gym during semester exams, he started putting on more weight.

Ultimately, he was still 105 kilos at the age of 21, when he graduated and started looking for a job suitable for him. Now his body weight became a real barrier for him. His medical tests showed a slightly bad report on his blood pressure. We started searching for the best weight loss product, which is all-natural, have no negative side-effects, assures 100% guarantee and gives us the desired results. That’s how we got introduced to the weight loss formula no.1 product, Realdose.

The actual reasons for not losing weight are the hormones in the human body. The hormones create a solid barrier between the human body and the required goals. The entire body is controlled by various hormones and its functions. The difference in the levels of hormone production disturbs their entire functioning of the human body. Let’s have a look at the hormones which affects over-weight or obesity.

Till these days, we have been trying all known methods to reduce weight without actually knowing the real cause of gaining weight. The real reasons for not losing weight are the malfunctioning or disturbed production of certain hormones in our human body. Let’s share the very prominent factors which are mighty barriers in weight loss.

Adiponectin – It is a protein hormone in the human body, which modulates various metabolic processes, like glucose regulation and fatty acid oxidation. The hormone plays a major role in suppressing the metabolic derangements that result in obesity and type 2 diabetes. In simple terms, Adiponectin tells the body to burn fat for fuel. The lower level of this hormone is a significant factor for obesity. Adiponectin helps in burning fat at an accelerated pace and thus makes it easier for the body to turn fat into energy.

Ghrelin - This is the hormone that stimulates hunger and is called ‘Hunger Hormone’. It is this hormone which signals the brain that the body needs food. The Ghrelin levels increases before eating and decrease after eating food. The higher levels of Ghrelin cause a food carving sensation in the human body. Lowering the levels of Ghrelin is the only way to reduce hunger and carvings.

Glucose – Over-weight or obesity always induce some level of insulin imbalance resulting in excess glucose in the human body. The insulin imbalance causes the excess sugar to get accumulated in the body as fat rather than burning it for energy.

Cortisol – This is known as a stress killer hormone. A higher level of cortisol causes the fat to get accumulated on the abdominal area. Cortisol break down the muscle tissues for energy when one is stressed out. This will lower the metabolism rate and thus fat gets accumulated. When depressed you eat more and the excess cortisol increases your carvings for sweets and carbs which leads to overeating.

Now, we know the barriers to the weight loss. Real dose weight loss formula ingredients have been specially formulated to handle the above specified hormone imbalances. Realdose is a 100% natural product with natural ingredients which can balance the 4 different hormones in the required amount and thus helps in burning fat into energy.

Realdose – Formula no. 1 for weight loss - Ingredients
  • Adiponectin -The researchers have found a natural solution in an extract of two plants, Piper betle leaf and Dolichos biflorus seed. The people who took real dose of this extract lost weight very quickly and easily which means increasing adiponectin leads to lower body fat.
  • Ghrelin – The same natural extract of Piper betle leaf and Dolichos biflorus seed which boosts the adiponectin levels also lowers the Ghrelin levels. It is one of the main content in real dose weight loss formula. The decrease in Ghrelin will lead to accelerated weight loss as the carvings for food will get reduced.
  • Glucose – A natural substance from Madagascar, a special green coffee bean, called Caffea Canephora contains a powerful weight loss substance called chlorogenic acids. This chlorogenic acid along with other components of this green coffee bean helps in regulating blood sugar. This herbal extract reduces the amount of sugar entering the blood stream, which in turn forces the body to burn fat as energy and thus help in weight loss. Another added benefit found in this ingredient of real dose weight loss formula is that it increased the muscle-to-fat ratio. The metabolism rate is higher when we have more muscles and it also helps in reducing weight.
  • Cortisol – An herb, called Rhodiola Rosea, from Atlas mountain region of Siberia has been used as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety for centuries together. This herb is a natural remedy for reducing stress, which in turn lowers the cortisol levels, enlightens your mood and burns off the dangerous belly fat.

Realdose weight loss formula no.1 is proportional blend of the natural extract of Piper betle leaf, Dolichos biflorus seed, Caffea Canephora and Rhodiola Rosea. Realdose is safe as it is free of stimulants, addictives and is decaffeinated also. Realdose is 100% complementary with any valid meal plan or weight loss program. Realdose helps in breaking the 4 barriers by:

  • Increases fat burning rate by increasing the Adiponectin level
  • Suppresses the untimely hunger or over appetite by reducing Ghrelin level
  • Helps in burning the excess sugar to energy than getting accumulated as fat
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue by normalizing the Cortisol level in the body

Realdose weight loss formula no.1 is Realdose Nutrition product, manufactured in USA. Each ingredient is tested for purity and potency and complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Let’s see what the customers say about Realdose.

The overall customer review says that Realdose is the best weight loss formula, which is 100% natural and 0% side effects product.

Let me quote the exact customer phrases:

  • "Looking forward to my new improved shape, energy, and appearance" – John Graham, Realtor, Reno, Nevada
  • "Real dose weight loss formula has increased my metabolism and curbed my appetite" – Jane Blaho, School Teacher, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • "The thought of getting back into my favorite size 12 jeans seems easy and doable now that I have RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1? - Cindy A. Navarino, Irmo, South California
  • "My size 8 jeans are loose, and the COST [of RealDose] is a FRACTION of what I've spent on other weight loss products!" – Patricia, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Realdose - Weight Loss Formula No. 1 – The best buy

Over-weight makes life unhappy, stressful and depressing. It drains self-esteem, curbs the confidence and shatters your life very badly. Realdose comes in three different packs – 30 day supply, 90-day supply and 180-day supply. Every purchase have a 3-in-1 guarantee – ID Theft protection, Purchase Gurantee and Lowest Price Guarantee.

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