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Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Apr 02, 2016

When people are traveling to places far from their homes, they will need shelter. The only option for such individuals will be renting a house. This is because they will not be sojourning in that place forever. As the manager of the property, it is essential to know the aptitude of these tourists to settle the rent charges. The following are some elements to assess before leasing the house.

Applicant’s employers

By contacting the employer of the applicant, you will validate whether the information provided about his/her income is true. For the potential renter to continue paying the rent faithfully he/she must retain the job. Thus, you need to ask if the job is part time or full time. Try to find out the time the applicant has been working with the employer and if his wages are fixed.

Applicant’s personal references

When filling the application for renting the house, potential tenants will submit the name of at least three references. Those references ought to contain the people that understand the applicant well. The references should not comprise of friends and family members. This is because they will favour the applicant. Find out if the references can guarantee the applicant as your tenant.

Past landlords

The previous landlords of the applicants will offer significant information you require. This is because they have lived and interacted with the applicant for some time. Find out if the past landlords had any trouble getting payments from the applicant. Get to know if the applicant damaged the property. What you should not forget is finding the reason for terminating the lease.

Financial status

The rental background check for the prospective renters will determine whether they will be able to manage the rent payment. Many applicants have a source of income but they possess other financial burdens like loans. The amount of cash deducted from their salaries will reduce their level of income. Do not select an applicant with big loans that have minimized his income.

Frequent shifting

It is not normal for a tenant to be shifting more frequently within very short periods. That shows there is something fishy with the applicant. Try to find out how many landlords the applicant had in a year. Elude an applicant that has been changing houses more frequently in one year. Many believe that criminals change neighbourhoods frequently not to cause suspicion.

Ability to relate

The applicant will be expected to stay with other tenants. This clearly shows that he/she will be forced to interact with the neighbours. If the applicant has not ability to relate well with others, objections will arise from other tenants. Do not forget that you will be required to relate with the tenant for the time he/she will be leasing your apartment. Elude troublesome applicants.


The applicant needs to be highly dependable especially when it comes to meeting deadlines when compensating the rent. A dependable prospective renter will be focused on taking care of the house. However, the reliability of renters is determined by their level of responsibility.

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