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Save Yourself From Different Punishments By Hiring A DWI Lawyer Houston

Author: Gloria Lipp
by Gloria Lipp
Posted: Apr 03, 2016
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In case you have been caught by the cops in Houston for driving in a drunken state the only person who can save you from severe legal punishments in the future is a DWI Lawyer Houston. Getting hold of a capable and experienced lawyer is the only way out for you. For this you need to do a lot of research work on the lawyer by knowing about his past track record as a lawyer, the number of years he has been in such a profession, the feedback of his previous clients and many more. He is the one who knows all the tactics and loopholes to fight the case for you and turn it into your favour.

Factors On Which Punishment Is Decided

If a person is held up for driving under the influence of alcohol such case is entirely dependent upon the BAC level contained in the blood of the convict. It is actually the percentage of alcohol found in the blood at that present situation. This can only be detected with the help of a breathalyzer in which the convict is asked to breathe inside the equipment to determine the BAC level. Depending on that the level of punishment the convicted should be charged to shall be decided. If the BAC level is below 0.08%, the offense will be considered as minor and the convicted will be set free after charging a certain amount of monetary penalty. But if the BAC level exceeds 0.15% it will be considered similar to a second time offense and the consequences can be serious. The DWI lawyer appointed will have to put in a lot of effort to save his client from the clutches of severe legal punishments. Only the best and the most experienced of the lawyers can save the convict from such serious offense.

Probable Punishments For Such An Offence

Most people who are arrested in a DWI charge are unaware of the possible punishments they might have to face. They think that paying a monetary fine can get them out of such trouble but in certain cases the consequences can be serious. Judging your condition by the BAC level, you might be detained in official custody for a night plus your license will be suspended and might have to engage yourself in community service for a certain period. Not only this you might even be asked to install a car ignition locking system in your car. For second timers or those with a BAC level above 0.15% will have to pay a hefty amount as fine and imprisonment depending upon the seriousness of the case. Those who have committed the accident more than once will have to compulsorily serve the jail term irrespective of the amount of monetary penalty charged. Moreover, your name might also be recorded in the legal books as a criminal.

What Purpose Does A DWI Lawyer Serve?

So the main question which arises in the mind of the convicted is that in what ways can a DWI Lawyer Houston save him from such severe offense? The first thing that the lawyer will do is try to get you out from jail and revive your suspended license. The next step that he will take is write a plea request to the opposing lawyer to settle the case outside court and in most cases such plea is approved. You will be freed from being sentenced to any jail terms and will be allowed to drive again after paying a considerable amount of money as fine. But for second timers, the lawyer has a tough task at hand. He will try not to get your name recorded in the books as a criminal and will try to make the opposition party as lenient as possible. Some general benefits from hiring a legal representative is that he will provide good advice and inform you about your legal rights, he will employ investigating and medical experts to make his case strong enough to work out everything in his favour and many more.

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