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The Benefits of Using Phonegap Application Development

Author: Orange Mantra
by Orange Mantra
Posted: Apr 04, 2016

Phonegap application development –

Also known as Apache Cordova, this is a technology that allows programmers for building mobile apps and then wrap them inside a framework called PhoneGap. This framework can be installed easily like a native mobile app into varied mobile platforms. For developing a cross platform app for mobiles fast and accurately, this framework is highly popular amongst programmers as well as business owners.

Benefits of Using PhoneGap Mobile App Development

The biggest challenge faced by entrepreneurs and developers in the sector of mobile app development are their platform. Due to their ever changing nature it’s difficult to decide on which platform is to be used. The following advantages of Phonegap Application Development can aid in the decision making process:-

  • Open Source – The basic PhoneGap engine used for mobile app development is open source. It is under the Apache Cordova project and can be used by any app development company for building their apps.

  • Use Existing Knowhow- PhoneGap is based on the HTML5 framework. Using this many native apps are being used already for web based uses. Hence, the mobile app development company along with their existing technical knowhow of HTML, CSS and Javascript can create mobile apps for tablets and smartphone. For creating native mobile apps for iPhone platform the developers no longer are required to learn languages like objective C if PhoneGap is being used.

  • Conversion to Native Apps – For the development of mobile apps for different apps on a native format, developers are required to use various programming languages like for Ios Objective C and Java for Android. PhoneGap saves from all these troubles by providing an interface using its API where HTML, CSS and Javascipt are used to code. The PhoneGap then converts this code into other native formats as desired.

  • PhoneGap API – The most important feature provided by PhoneGap to the mobile application development company is its API or the application programming interface. The API allows developers to access the native OS of the device and by using Javascript features of that native OS can be used to develop the app.

  • Plugins – The PhoneGap plugin, uses functionalities within the native features of the phone. This plugin is an extension of PhoneGap. This functionality on accessing the native features helps to develop a strong and efficient mobile application. It also helps accessing cloud services.

  • Packaging and Promotion – The final app created using PhoneGap is a binary application and it can be promoted and distributed using existing ecosystems. Various ecosystems like the Android Google Play store, iTunes store, Blackberry App Word, Windows Phone Marketplace all is utilized by PhoneGap to package and distribute mobile apps wrapped with it.

Summary – For entrepreneurs looking for a platform related solution to their mobile apps, PhoneGap can be the best technology saving a lot of expenditure and time.

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Author: Orange Mantra

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