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Advice From The Best Dui Lawyers In Tempe

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Apr 04, 2016

Nobody plans to get arrested for DUI. While it remains the most common charge on which people are arrested in the United States, people are woefully unprepared on how to deal with such a situation. Many foolishly opt to defend themselves without even consulting with a DUI attorney in Phoenix, AZ. As you would have thought, such cases do not end up in favour of the accused. Here is some advice from some of the best DUI lawyers in Tempe on what to do and what not to do if and when charged with a DUI.

  • DO go for a free consultation with a DUI lawyer in Tempe

after you have been arraigned, you should definitely meet with a few lawyers to discuss and learn about the merits of your case. Most lawyers will provide this initial consultation free of charge, so it does not hurt you to avail of this "free" advice. This also gives you an opportunity to discuss in detail what the charges and fees that you might owe them should you choose to avail their services.

  • DO be honest with your lawyer

Any information shared between a client and their lawyer is privileged information and no-one can have access to that. You should always be absolutely upfront and honest with your DUI attorney in Phoenix, AZ about the circumstances of your arrest. This information is often valuable in a case even if they need not be disclosed to the public. Discussing these in full detail and honesty will help your lawyer figure out the best course of action that will lead to your benefit and peace of mind.

  • DO NOT automatically consider a guilty plea

Let your legal counsel decide if a guilty plea is right for you. No matter what law enforcement personnel might tell you, pleading guilty to an apparently "obvious" charge is not always the best course of action. There are many ways, about which your lawyer is aware, to refute a charge in court, ranging from faulty equipment to improper administration of tests and illegal procedures and interactions. However, there are also situations where it might be prudent to plead guilty, such as scenarios in which there is strong evidence against you or if there are witnesses willing to testify against you. No matter what though, you should always heed the advice of your lawyer on how to plead and let them make the decision for you. They are better trained to judge the best course of action in such a circumstance.

  • DO shop around for a bargain

Lawyers may charge differently based on the services they provide. Accordingly, you should always talk to multiple lawyers before settling on one to handle you case for you. This also allows you to compare the various avenues available to you and judge them on their merits before you commit to one. Be up front and know about what fees and charges you might owe them before you decide to go with one.

Consider the advice from the top DUI lawyer in Tempe on how to deal with a DUI charge. When it comes to the law, however, one should never go for generic advice. Consider availing the services of a DUI attorney phoenix AZ before you make any decisions related to any legal matters.

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