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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Hired Speaker Knows His Job

Author: Phil Jones
by Phil Jones
Posted: Apr 05, 2016

Hiring A-class conference speakers is no less of a task. In the tech world that we live in, requirements for speakers have changed drastically. Today, it takes more than just charisma, eloquence, confidence and storytelling skills to connect with the diverse audience. Although the qualities mentioned above are still required, attendees in general, expect more from a conference. Thus, finding speakers is no cakewalk and certainly not as simple as it was before. Following is a compilation of signs that show you have relied upon the best conference speaker who is sure to do justice to your conference.

1. Social Media Punctuality

It is imperative for every conference speaker of the modern age to tap into the power of the social media. A powerful speaker possesses a healthy following on varied social networks. He/she understands that it is pivotal to support different events that in turn have backed them and they do so by extending wholehearted support on the corresponding social media channels.

2. A reasonable price bracket

The new age conference speaker is a well-informed fellow who invests considerable time and resources in preparing for the event, researching his audience, the subject and is very intimately connected to the session's success. All the pain that the speaker goes through cannot come free of cost. A speaker who charges a fee slightly higher than average can be trusted more than one who charges nothing at all.

3. Complete knowledge of AV

It is always a good sign to liaise with a tech-savvy speaker. In order to know whether your prospective speaker borders around average or beyond par, note whether they ask about the projector display proportion, the presence of WiFi in the hall, any mobile apps that can be used to highlight important details or if there is any such technology that supports the FAQ. Complete knowledge of technical aspects may not adjudge them as speakers but this does show that they are dead serious about their job. Moreover, technical aspects when looked after, can transform a boring session to a flawless experience altogether.

4. Holistic Knowledge of Audience & Audience Interaction

Every good speaker attempts to know the audience and their train of thought. It is a good sign if your speaker asks you about the age group, cultural background and general mentality of the people attending your conference. Once in a while you may chance upon overconfident speakers who claim to 'know it all'. It is best to stay skeptical of them and strike them off the list if possible. For the first-class speaker, targeting the audience is the first priority, whether it is through interactive presentations, effective sales techniques, one-on-one Q/A sessions or a polling system. Ensure that the speaker of your choice plans a combination of all these methods to hit the right spots.

5. More Technology & More Participation

The one message clear to conference lecturers around the world is that sessions should be kept alive, high-tech and far from boring. The arbitrary requirements for a business inspirational speaker selection now are clearly redefined by major trends like use of technology, social media connection and a healthy interaction that provides stimulus for growth.

In short, as a planner, it is also your responsibility to be aware of your speaker's skills and enlighten them on your objectives. Those speakers are always rare gems who are hard-working and do not let their thirst of knowledge get overshadowed by narcissism.

Phil Jones is an amazing motivational speaker, very well-known on international platforms as an expert sales tailor and conference speaker. He conducts regular conferences and audio-visuals.

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Philmjones is a sales Trainer, sales coach, conference speaker & professional speaker.

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