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Curved Stairs Cease to be a Barrier with Savaria’s Stairfriend Stairlift

Author: Jai Gaitonde
by Jai Gaitonde
Posted: Apr 07, 2016

A spiral or curved staircase is a distinct and attractive feature of many homes, but pose a major challenge for the elderly and people with mobility problems. The solution lies in installing a stairlift. One of the most reliable products in the market is Savaria’s Stairfriend. This quality lift is available in companies supplying accessibility equipment in New York and New Jersey.

The Stairfriend is designed for stairs that feature a curve, an intermediate landing, or when out-of-the-way parking is desired. It gives you the freedom to stay in your home and enjoy it without having to worry about navigating the stairs.

Advanced Features for a Safe and Smooth Ride

Easy to operate, the Stairfriend can carry up to 350 lbs and includes two radio frequency remote controls and easy-to-use armrest controls. Its rack and pinion drive on the double rail system ensures a smooth ride. As the device is battery powered, it can provide several trips up and down and will not let you down during a power failure. Your dealer can customize the rail to suit your exact specifications using computer-aided design software and photo measuring. You can choose from two seat designs based on your taste and comfort needs.

This stair lift comes with an optional feature which allows you to park it away from the bottom or from the top of your stairs. This keeps the stairway completely clear when the unit is not running. It is compact and the footrest and seat can be folded up when not in use. The device also comes with onboard diagnostics to identify service issues.

This reliable lift incorporates a number of features that ensure a safe and comfortable ride:

>> Footrest and carriage sensors to stop the lift if an obstruction is encountered on the stairway.

>> Upper and lower safety limit switches and safety switch for the swivel seat that prevents it from running if the seat is not locked in the riding position.

>> Emergency stop button (optional) and overspeed brake (optional) to stop the lift if the normal downward travel speed is exceeded.

>> Manual lowering handwheel that can be inserted on the motor shaft to bring the lift to the next landing in the event of an emergency.

Try out your Stairlift before Purchase

If you think that the Stairfriend stairlift can help improve accessibility in your home, contact an authorized dealer of Savaria products. A leading company would offer you the opportunity to try out this lift in their showroom before you purchase it. A reliable dealer of accessibility equipment in NY would also provide customized installation services as well as ongoing support for inspection, maintenance, and repair.

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Author: Jai Gaitonde

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