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3 Signs your Business Needs a Web Designing Company

Author: Carlsen Baker
by Carlsen Baker
Posted: Apr 13, 2016
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In today’s world, having a strong web presence is the key to running your business smoothly. It is a significant deciding factor when it comes to your company’s success. The starting point to this is an attractive and easy to navigate website.

A significant number of small business owners think that web presence can be managed by reading articles and blogs. But they fail to realize that articles and blogs are mere guidelines and they are not tailor-made for your business. Also, you cannot setup a well-designed and high functioning website by picking up templates particularly the free ones.

There are quite a few reputed and well established web designing companies out there that can build a website that suits your business needs and ideas. However, the key to success lies in choosing a company that has an experienced and well-trained team of designers who can understand your requirements and deliver the right type of design.

The best way to hire a good company is to ask for recommendations or else you can also conduct a small research on the internet, find few reputed companies and compare their rates and services to make a final decision. Here are three key signs that you can see on your current company website that shows you need professional support in terms of web design:

Non-responsive website: having a responsive web design is equally important. If you have a non-responsive website, it will be of no good in today’s mobile dominated world. A responsive website means that your site can adapt to a mobile or tablet screen to provide the best viewing experience. If you need to zoom into your company’s website to read the content or click a tab, while browsing on a mobile phone, then your company website is not responsive. You need to take this into serious consideration and get it fixed as early as possible.

Unfriendly to search engines: does your company’s website show up on the first page when searching for a relevant keyword on a search engine like Yahoo or Google? If your company is in the B2C market, does the website show up in the list of first five results? If not, your company needs to hire a reliable SEO agency. There are a few good SEO companies in Mumbai you could approach. These companies can provide you with on-page and off-page optimization to ensure that your business website meets the required mark on a search engine.

Lack of new content: Is your website still showcasing the same content it did a year back? If yes, then you definitely need help from professionals. Your company’s website needs to be updated frequently, especially if you are in a consumer facing business. Seeing updated content, consciously or sub-consciously makes visitors realize there is something new to look forward to on your website and makes them come back for more. This way you can expect repeated footfalls on your company website. Fresh content will help your company’s website with SEO ranking as well.

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Author: Carlsen Baker

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