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Feet without Arches: Flat Feet

Author: Jason Johnston
by Jason Johnston
Posted: Apr 16, 2016
flat feet

People have different walks of life. There are fruitful and unsuccessful, big and small, short and tall, and so on. Every individual has a distinct path to walk through. Technically speaking, a stable foot is what we need to walk or move from one side to the other. Therefore, we should take good care of our barefoot to walk correctly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, there are cases that a person has foot disorder. An average person, when standing, has his or her arches slightly raised above the floor while the rest of the foot flatly touches the ground. However, there are situations where this doesn't happen. Commonly, the problem occurs on the arch of the feet. Pes planus or flat feet is the opposite pes cavus or high arched feet. Flat feet means that arch of the foot is not normal when standing. Pes planus is a foot condition that commonly occurs to people rather than pes cavus.

Symptoms of Flat Feet

Foot pain, shin splints, or ankle pain may be experienced especially by children.

Adults may suffer from painful feet after walking or standing for a long time.

There are situations that flat feet do not cause pain or any complications.

Through certain medical procedures, pes planus can be examined.

Examine the foot through x-ray.

Check the tendons on the foot through MRI.

Check the bones on the foot through CT scan.

Treatment for Flat Feet

If the flat feet do not cause pain, treatment is not necessary to do.

Put an orthotic or arch support in the footwear.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Rest your feet from standing or walking to avoid further complications.

If the pain is already unbearable, you need to see a doctor and surgery may be performed to fix or clean a damaged tendon or displaced joints.

Adults can treat flat feet through taking pain relievers, using arch supports, or undergoing surgery. The treatment will depend on the case of the pes planus.

Unlike other conditions, this feet disorder is unavoidable. However, taking care of the foot and wearing comfortable footwear are helpful and beneficial.

It is very challenging to be distinct from other people especially when having deformed body parts is what makes you different. The worst thing is that you are suffering from the pain it brings while others are enjoying a normal life. Yes, it is undoubtedly unfair if you will just endure the pain without taking action to be healed. But if you will be persistent and determined to undergo any medication, you have the chance get cured.

All people are born in this world with purpose. Having flat feet may be very challenging compared to those having normal feet. There are things that they can able to do but you can't because of your physical condition.

You are so lucky if you have healthy feet. You must take good care of you feet and prevent having your feet injured. However, if you have flat feet or pes planus, don't lose hope and undergo medical treatments to avoid worst scenarios.

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