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Are You New Into The World Of Ninja Sword? Know Everything Here

Author: Chan Sword
by Chan Sword
Posted: Apr 19, 2016

Martial art is a fine combination of action and delicacy. The poise this form of art they have is fairly cumbersome and specialized. You might have watched many fantasy series where strong characters are fighting with swords. Those are fantasies you are watching in TV or theatres but you are still pumped up. Have you ever wondered what the situation is when two ninjas fight with their ninja sword.

5 Points To Consider While You Are Interested In Sword:

1. Sword Signature: If you are looking at a katana or sword in Japan, you will notice a sign of their own name in the tang. The meaning of digging their name in the tang is, it cannot be seen unless the sword is taken apart. Also, there are "makers mark" with different types of marks and stamps carved into the blade but not at all times in the West.

2. Maintenance Of The Sword: Though it is not a rocket science to understand the basics of maintaining Ninja Sword, but you sword polishing is a must. Sword polishing doesn’t only mean that you are getting your sword cleaned up and you are done. You need to straighten blade if it is bent, sharpen the blade and then oiling and fixing minor chips f the blade is really minute things to take care of.

3. The Difference Between Sword And Dagger: It is important to know the difference between a sword and dagger. A sword can only become a dagger when the blade length is 14" or less than that.

4. Identify The Right Sword: You need to identify the right kind of sword as you can find various kinds of sword in the market. Therefore, it is important to have the understanding of sword and check each of the features. Every single sword has its own feature and specialties to look out for.

5. Difference Between Scabbard And Sheathe: You might know scabbard and sheathe are quite similar. In the West, these two are well known for being all leather or wood core with leather over the top. While in Japan, the scabbard is known as "saya" which is made of wood coated in lacquer.

It is a myth that ninja used to carry samurai sword. If they are samurai by birth, it doesn’t mean they will carry a samurai sword after being a ninja as well. The ninja sword is a Ninja’s pride and he/she respects the sword more than anything else. Also the myth about ninja throwing stars, swords, and knives are wrong. The Ninjas didn’t have the access to modern weapons. They always believed only in the sword and that is all about it.

Now that you know a bit more than what you knew 5 minutes ago about Ninja, you feel more confident to buy a ninja sword, don’t you?

About the Author

Chan is a China’s martial art expert he wrote most of his article about the weapon technology, the making, uses and about many others.

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