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Implications of Affiliate Billing Report in Affiliate Marketing

Author: Arnab Dutta
by Arnab Dutta
Posted: Apr 20, 2016

Why Affiliate Billing Report Is Required In Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. It is a form of online marketing that considerably diminishes costs for advertising. Affiliates place unique referral links on their site to motivate traffic and impressions, clicks, conversions are tracked through that referral links. Once traffic starts picking up, ad-network needs a billing report to keep an eye on the performance of the each campaign. In this circumstance, billing report is a very powerful tool that lets quickly view the data that ad-network wants to see, from the dashboard instantly by selecting the desired fields. If affiliate tracking application does not provide proper billing reporting system then affiliate marketing is getting affected quite severely. Because whatever transactions have been made, if these are not coming through billing report then miscommunication happens massively. How much an affiliate earned through advertising or how much cash inflows and outflows happens to the ad-networks, if these are not running through billing report substantially then business faces difficulties. As a consequence Ad-networks are getting confused, they don’t understand which affiliate’s payment is due or which affiliate’s payment is done. So affiliate’s payment can be getting delayed. In this scenario traffic is getting exhausted. But a high-quality performance marketing application provides a robust billing reporting tool, by which ad-network runs a billing report without any bother. Therefore, to run successful affiliate marketing, proper billing reporting system is crucial without any doubt.

Significance of Affiliate Reporting System

Robust and hassle free.

Unique Reporting System.

Real time Reporting.

Run report date wise accordingly.

Effective with ease.

Sophistication of Affiliate Billing Report:-

Affiliate billing report is a backbone of performance marketing. A high quality performance marketing application’s billing reporting tool focuses on performance based reporting so ad networks have a clear view of what is done to enhance their affiliate marketing campaign. It has been developed in such a way that ad networks needs are being fulfilled quite meticulously. The sophisticated billing reporting system provides a bird’s eye view of all affiliates activity. The extremely easy-to-use tool delivers crucial information quickly. Ad-network can save time and get the information with fewer clicks.

Nature of Affiliate Billing Report

A high quality performance marketing application is springing up everywhere, and has become the linchpin of online marketing. The billing report uses impressions, clicks, and conversions to track the performance of an affiliate. There are numerous options to view the affiliate billing report like

Affiliate Invoice Report

Affiliate Payment Report

Affiliate outstanding Report

Affiliate Main billing Report

Affiliate Ledger report

Affiliate Invoice Report :-

Affiliate Invoice Report Is a noteworthy feature in a high quality affiliate tracking application. To see all the billing report serially of a particular affiliate this invoice report is required. Ad-networks or affiliates can see all the details at a glance. By generating this invoice report Ad-networks will know the details of Invoice Date and Invoice Amount. Ad networks and affiliates can also download the invoice as a PDF and ad-networks can mail the invoice to their prestigious clients. Apart from that ad-networks and affiliates can export the report in an excel file without any hassle.

Affiliate Payment Report:

Affiliate Payment Report permits ad-networks and affiliates to see the affiliate payment report of a particular affiliate. By generating this payment report ad networks will know the details of Date of Invoice, Amount of Invoice, Date of Payment, Currency of Amount and the exact Amount of Payment. Apart from that the payment memo can be saved as a PDF, so ad-networks and affiliates can easily download the memo and ad networks can mail it to their prestigious clients. Simultaneously Ad-networks and affiliates can export the report in an excel file without any hassle.

Affiliate Outstanding Report

Affiliate Outstanding Report helps ad-networks to see the outstanding report of the particular affiliate. By running this report ad networks will comprehend the details of Date of Invoice, Amount of Invoice, and about Due Balance. The report shows all the details very methodically.

Affiliate Main Billing Report:

Affiliate Main Billing Report is an essential part of a performance marketing application. It allows ad-networks to see the main billing report of affiliates. An affiliate can also view this main billing report from his own panel. By generating this report ad-networks will get a clear view of paid and due amount of affiliates. The report shows all the details thoroughly.

Affiliate Ledger Report:

Affiliate Ledger Report is another characteristic of a high quality performance marketing application. Through this feature ad network will know the details of Invoice Amount, Payment and Balance of a particular affiliate. The billing report comes in a month wise and date wise fashion so ad-networks can grab it easily.


Adwalnut a SAAS based high quality performance marketing application holds all the above depicted features quite efficiently. It provides a robust billing reporting tool, by which ad-network runs a billing report without any bother. It is very flexible and inexpensive to implement. It is an entirely customizable application platform for managing campaigns, advertisers, affiliates, offers, pay-in, payouts and more at a highly detailed level in real time. Adwalnut’s robust billing report is customizable and optimizes digital marketing process quite merely. Adwalnut offers an incredible opportunity to start boosting your income.

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