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Manuka Honey as a Secret Ingredient

Author: Elaine Chmidt
by Elaine Chmidt
Posted: Apr 21, 2016

Buy Manuka honey for the unique and delicious flavor that it brings to all your baked goods.

There is a fantastic type of honey that has been around for many generations. It is popular for its benefits but it is also popular for its uniqueness. Manuka honey from New Zealand is like no other grocery store shelf honey anywhere in the world. This special honey is harvested from the bees that feed on the flowering Manuka plants in the remote valleys and Alps that are located in New Zealand. This type of honey has a distinct sweet and pleasant flavor that pleases even the pickiest of palates. The texture is smooth and creamy which helps to make this my favourite type of honey and go-to ingredient.

I surveyed different people who all tout the most impressive benefits of Manuka honey as being its distinct flavor. There is nothing else like it. Most people enjoy just taking a spoonful out of the jar and sticking it in their mouths. Others like a more refined way of consuming this treat. They spread the honey on biscuits or toast. Still, many others will only put Manuka honey in their morning tea because it is a special treat that tastes magnificent. It can also add just the right amount of sweetness to green smoothies. I have discovered that there are many benefits of placing the Manuka honey in baked goods.

When I bake, I only use Manuka honey as a sweetener. There is no reason to use refined white sugar in recipes when this honey keeps the pastries moist and delicious. I have a great recipe for honey cookies that uses almond meal flour, orange zest, egg whites, and coconut sugar.

In addition, you have to add warmed Manuka honey to the cookie dough. There is no other cookie recipe that I have made that gets more requests. When I’m invited to a dinner party, I’m always asked to bring those amazing honey and orange cookies. I don’t mind because they are super easy to make. In addition to using the honey in cookies, I also use it to make my famous apple bread. The benefit of adding Manuka honey is that it tastes different than any other store bought honey or refined white sugar. If I share my recipes, I always just say to add honey, I never say Manuka honey.

The benefit of Manuka honey 16 to my recipes is that I call it my secret ingredient. When my friends try to make my recipes, they use regular honey and that just won’t do. It doesn’t taste anywhere near the same as it isn’t creamy at all. In fact, they complain that their cookies were too soft and tasted funny. I just smile and brag about what a great baker I am.

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If you want to buy Manuka honey 16, the author of this article recommends Manuka Honey USA.

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