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The Bubble Football Injuries You Should Be Wary Of

Author: Buybubble Football
by Buybubble Football
Posted: Apr 22, 2016

Bubble football has become a very popular sport in the recent times. Played with most standard rules that apply to soccer, there is one major difference with bubble football and basically, this one difference makes all the difference. You can order bumper ball online to play this game.

The players are encased in a bubble and while they play, they stumble and fall – a laughter riot of sorts, the bubble soccer is fun way to even workout. However, even bubble football can have its share of injuries.

The Basic Bubble Soccer Rules

Typically, a game of bubble soccer is played with both men and women. The team size is 6 players, of which two are women and four are men. During the play, no more than 4 players need to be present on the field. The rules regarding the number of women is not stringent, there can be as many as 6 women in the team with no men at all.

The game is divided into 4, 8-minute long quarters. Each of these is separated by a 3-minute break. Each team gets 2-minute time out. The referee on the field has the authority to stop the clock, if he notices deliberate time delays by any of the players.

The game begins with the football kept in the center of the field. The opponent team members line up along their goal line and on hearing the whistle, will run over to the ball to seek its procession and drive it to their goal. This starts with every goal. If at all the ball lands up in the bubble, the game is halted and the ball retrieved. The referee will then conduct a ‘drop ball’.

The other rules of the sport are as follows –

  • Substitutions can be made throughout the game.
  • Studded footwear is not permitted on the field. The players are also required to wear appropriate closed-toe footwear.
  • The teams are not allowed to have a goal keeper.

The Injuries during a Game of Bubble Ball

Bubble soccer is definitely safer than the regular soccer but no, it isn’t absolutely safe either. Like with any contact sport, there are risks associated with the bubble soccer too. Here are the common injuries that you should be wary of when playing bubble soccer –

  • The common injuries such as a twisted ankle, banged-up knees, etc. are as common with bubble soccer as with any other sport that requires physical play.
  • Injuries to limbs, particularly to feet, may happen during the trips and falls, that are a regular part of this sport.
  • Because the players are encased in the bubble, there could be a risk of suffocation too.
  • With increase in the sweating of the players as the game advances, the bubbles make visibility a little challenging leading to trips and falls.

Ensuring safety of the bubble soccer equipment can reduce the risk of injuries to a large extent. If you want to own your equipment, it is best to order bumper ball from a reputed source.

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