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How does Mediation work?

Author: Vince Pennisi
by Vince Pennisi
Posted: Apr 25, 2016

A lot of families are facing elder care issues as a large population is growing older. One way the family harmony can be preserved and the interest of the elder family members can be protected is by Mediation. Mediation helps you resolve various issues such as making decisions about an estate or determining the safest place for your elder family member to stay. All decisions regarding estate planning, guardianship, visitation and elder care, family business etc. can be taken effectively with the guidance of mediators who have knowledge about the elder law.

Even though a mediator must act neutrally, sometimes they are expected to favor the elders and be their voice. Even though this is not necessary at all times, being the voice of the advocate is essential sometimes, specially when it comes to cases that deal in elder law.

When planning the mediation sessions, the participation of the elder family member is one of the most essential decisions and also a point of argument. Before the mediation session, the elder member of the family and the mediation lawyer must have a meeting in advance to discuss about the various issues. This is necessary especially if the elder is not able to attend the session or if the mediator believes that a pre-consultation is required. For reducing the risk of miscommunication and for establishing the trust between the elder member and mediation, communicating in advance is essential. In some cases, other members of the family might also be expected to attend the meetings before the mediation.

To give view to the issues being faced, assessments of experts are usually included in the mediation sessions. Some experts such as financial experts, caregivers, geriatric care managers etc. are brought to these mediation sessions to provide professional opinions on the issues being faced. To keep everything organized and to ensure that everyoné’s views are being considered, co-mediation is used. Some common issues that are addressed in the elder mediation are division of family inheritance, current and future care of the elder, division of family business etc.

While these are some common issues that are discussed thoroughly, elder care and their corresponding financial issues is the most essential topic of discussion in these sessions. Once all the participants sort through these issues, other issues are discussed. The second issues that is discussed is concern of the elders regarding the overall well-being of the family and its harmony. A lot of elders emphasise on this issue more than the issue of their own well-being and care. When both of these issues are taken into account, the mediation session become successful. So hire a mediation lawyer, as they can help you resolve family issues and repair relationships and also help in making smart family decisions regarding safety, finances and medical care.

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