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Summer Is Damaging Your Face? Facial Sydney Is Here To Help

Author: Miki Barzig
by Miki Barzig
Posted: Apr 30, 2016
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Summer is not a good time for our skin and especially our face. All of our body parts are not exposed the whole day as our face. The most regular thing you have to do everyday is cleanse your face twice daily. Facial Sydney can help you with various problems you have with your face this summer starting from acne, tanning and other skin damaging problems.

How Can Sun And Heat Damage Your Face?

Tanning And Sun Burns

As the skin gets more exposed in the sun, the more tanned it gets. More exposure to the harsh UV rays during summer is quite common but it leads to redness and inflammation. Too much exposure to sun can even lead to basal cell melanoma. Choose scarves for protection and you can go for facial Sydney is great for prevention.

Scorching Heat

The humidity and heat is the worst combination of all times. Perspiration moistens the skin and moist skin is a target for dirt and other impurities. Blocking all the pores, it leads to summer rashes and acne giving an appearance of small pimples. Wear loose and comfortable clothes which will allow your skin to breathe. Do not use heavy lotions as they will block the pores.

Mosquito Bites

With summer comes the mosquitoes and they want every ounce of your blood. For your home or indoor locations, you have pretty well arrangements to fight mosquito attacks but outdoor is a trouble. The can cause itchy red welts on our skin and also they are harbingers of diseases. Choose safe insect repellent and remove stagnant waters in and around your residence.

Acne Issues

Sweat and clogged pores are the reason everyone hates summer. Sunscreen is no more the reason to cherish as they itself adds up to the mix. The clogged pores are the reason which leads to acne breakouts. Clean and dry skin is the key to get away from acne. After removing oiliness also try to hydrate your skin with a facial Sydney offers.

Dry And Parched Skin

Exposure to sun is damaging to the skin as the intense heat makes your face dull and lifeless. Also, in summer there is definitely the need for air conditioning which makes your skin dry. In that case, the water intake should be increased. Moisturize your skin with a lightweight lotion or sunscreen and make sure to re-apply in every 2-3 hours. For better result you can start the application of intensive repair night and day cream.

So stay hydrated as the summer can be really dehydrating. Not only for your skin but your health also needs to be aware of the damaging effects of summer. You can always get a facial Sydney offers you.
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Miki Barzig is an author/writer, a Marine Corps veteran and a perpetual student of art, journaling and life. She has written for several national and trade publications and continues to build her library with her own publications.

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