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Types of Industrial Adhesives (Hi-Bond adhesives)

Author: Kunal Sutar
by Kunal Sutar
Posted: May 04, 2016

Sticking cards together with household glue is one thing but holding together metal parts of the machine is a totally different thing altogether. Industries utilize strong industrial adhesives in various industrial processes due to their strengths these adhesives are also known as Super Glue. Multiple types of adhesives are available in the market today which used in many construction tasks by several industries. Companies invest lots of efforts and resources for developing strong and effective industrial adhesives. Industrial adhesives are classified based on their composition or properties. Adhesives are further classified based on the curing methods sometimes they are cured by using chemicals or ultraviolet light. We are giving a list of most commonly used industrial adhesives.

Resins: The name resins give because adhesive’s synthetic polymer compound has resemblance with tree and plant resins. These polymer are developed in laboratory, polymer contain May change based on the use of application. Resin adhesive known to be an extremely strong and resilient. Benefit of resin adhesive that expansion and contraction in temperature doesn’t have effects on the adhesive. It does not shrink or contracts with the change in temperature. Adhesive is also extremely efficient in resisting moisture hence its can be used in all types of underwater applications.

Acrylic: Acrylic adhesive is created by using acrylic, methacrylic. Some acrylic adhesives are used in the form of aqueous emulsions. This adhesive needs some time to set and dry completely. Adhesives are generally derived from mixing two individual components together. Both solvent and emulsion are used in construction.

Anaerobic Adhesive: Anaerobic Adhesive does not require air or oxygen to set. And proves exceptional in application where you need to create tight seals without using heat, oxygen and light. Anaerobic Adhesive is widely used because it can efficiently bond multiple types of materials such as wood, plastic ceramic, elastomers and glass.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is also popular as ‘super glue’. It’s a strong and robust adhesive can bond several materials such as plastics, wood and metal. Cyanocrylate glue is very easy to use and apply and it does not require any mixing and heating beforehand. Adhesive is also available in different grades like ethyl, methyl and many more. It is highly popular due to the features like it needs very limited time to create a strong bond and it’s very affordable due to minimal consumption is required.

Epoxy Adhesives: Epoxy Adhesive is widely used in many industries. Adhesives are offered as one compound and two compounds system. Epoxy adhesive generally need temperature between 200-300 degree Fahrenheit. Epoxy adhesive is used in automobile and aircraft industry. These adhesives are cures fast and strong bonds. They are also used in plywood manufacturing industry.

There are many types of adhesives such as polyurethane Adhesive sealants (PU adhesive sealants), Silicon adhesive sealants, structural adhesive sealants, UV glue glass bonder adhesive are available in Mumbai for industrial applications. Hibond Adhesives Is a one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of industrial adhesives, with more than two decades of experience Hibond Adhesive holds expertise in the field of industrial adhesives.

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