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Why facial contouring is necessary even for common people?

Author: Adrina Sen
by Adrina Sen
Posted: May 06, 2016

Surgeons adopt various methods to bring the required results as desired by their patients by implementing cosmetic surgery. The facial contours are measured in terms of upper facial features, middle facial features, and lower facial features. All the three is measured in terms of 1:1:0.8ratio and they are corrected as per the desired expressed by the cosmetic surgery aspirant. The ideal facial standard ratio is mentioned above and surgeons try to reach this ratio by correcting various features by re-modification of the facial features.

The upper part of the face constitutes forehead and side of the cheekbone. It will be made narrow slender face shape. Middle facial features are made to have small cheeks and they are made to have smooth skin under the chin. Lower part of the face is made to have chin that will made to small by removing wrinkles under the cheekbone up to the ear line. 3D images are formulated by capturing images at 45 degree angle, frontier image and image captured at 90 degree angle. 3D cheekbone contouring is followed wherever it is necessary. There are various aspects in facial contouring Korea, which will be covered efficiently by the Korean plastic surgeons to gain effective results.

Jaw surgery in Korea is one of the most important surgeries conducted in order to get proper facial features in a desired manner. Jaw surgery in medical terms is known mandibular surgery. Generally the mandibular surgery is conducted to correct the faulty jaw. Faulty jaw occurs due to traumatic injury or due to the malfunction of jaws and jaw bones. Sometimes there will be birth defect of misalignment of jaws. All these defects are removed successfully with the use of mandibular surgery. When the jaws are misaligned there will be great difficult in speech and eating apart from spoiling the entire facial outlook of the affected person.

Misalignment of the jaw is known as TMJ in short and its medical term is temporomandibular joint. Apart from this people affected by the TMJ suffer from sleep apnea. People suffering from sleep apnea often treated their problem by adjusting their lower jaw line. Sometimes it is related with the orthodontic problems, however both are quite different and they are related to each other. The syndrome of tired teeth or teeth grinding can be observed when the jaws are not aligned properly and mouth is not closed and teeth grinding ensue. These problems should be treated as soon as they are observed under experienced surgeons who have sufficient experience in this field.

All the techniques of reconstructive surgery are implemented to achieve necessary results. The process is long and difficult and patients have to undergo rigorous pre medications and they should follow surgeons advice to get rid all the symptoms of misalignment of jaws. Hospitalisation is necessary for the success of the surgery. It will take time to recover and recovery time depends upon the age and health factors. Usually from one month to three months of time is necessary to recover fully from the surgical pain.

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