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Invest in horse treadmill

Author: Johny Danes
by Johny Danes
Posted: May 07, 2016

Everyone knows that being on the treadmill is highly beneficial for your health, but also for improving fitness level, getting in shape and feeling better overall. Treadmills are not suitable just for people, as animals get to benefit from them as well and horse treadmill is actually highly beneficial for young racehorses, but also the ones that go through a recovery period. It is important for horses to exercise without getting injured, preferably in a controlled environment and for a period of time that you can choose, starting with a shorter one and increasing it progressively. A horse exerciser can be custom made by manufacturers.

There are companies that manufacture horse treadmill to meet desired specifications and the age and size of the horse, depending if it is an adult horse, young one or even a pony. The horse exerciser should be positioned in an easy to reach area, where the horse can exercise on a regular basis. It is important to look for a provider that uses high-quality materials, to avoid any injuries and increase the horse's performance and health. In the end, this is all it is about and the purpose of why horses exercise. Horses are able to reach a better athletic performance while being on the treadmill, as their heart rate improves as well.

When riding horses and put them to exercise, injuries are a main concern, as you cannot always control the horse and set a perimeter from the beginning. This is not the case with the horse treadmill, because it is positioned in the stable or anywhere possible and the horse has easy access to it. Trainers will stand by their side, tracking their evolution and monitoring their condition. At the beginning it is normal for horses to get tired faster, breath heavier, but in time they will improve their condition. Using a horse exerciser, trainers are able to witness improved results day by day, until horses completely recover or are able to get on the tracks.

As a matter of fact, even studies have been conducted to verify if a horse treadmill makes a difference in a horse's performance and if results can be measured. Results showed that notable differences existed and these training tools are highly beneficial, for both horses and trainers. It is even more convenient when you are able to find a horse exerciser and manufacturers that can build them according to your specifications. They are able to help you determine what works best, take measurements and help you decide upon materials and type.

Aldershot Equestrian Horse Technology is a good example of such a manufacturer and you can discuss the necessary aspects before making a purchase. It is hard finding treadmills for horses already built, especially since you might not know exactly what your horse needs and which is the suitable size, how much space is required and such. Ordering a custom made one provides a better alternative.

Have you thought about getting a horse treadmill? You can help your horse or pony exercise better thanks to the horse exerciser ( ).

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