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How To Install Sod In Your Garden – Tips By The Lawnfather

Author: Lawn Father
by Lawn Father
Posted: May 10, 2016
laying sod

Are you fed up with dry grass or patches of yellow grass? Want a beautiful lawn or garden in very short time? Laying sod is the best way to achieve good looking time. It is the greatest way to save your hard earned money and precious time. The most important benefit of sod laying is it safes your garden from weeds and other dirt patches. In these busy days, no one has enough time to enhance the beauty of their lawn or garden. But sod installation contractors in Calgary can help you to give a new beautiful look to your garden or lawn.The best time to lay sod in the garden is morning, before it gets too hot. It is so easy to install a sod. You can do this on your own, just follow these given tips.

  1. Take a soil for test: Before laying the sod in your lawn, take a soil test. To know about your soil, dig out a little amount of soil. Place the soil sample in a glass container. You can test this sample in your local nursery or state cooperative extension office. After getting the result of your sample, you can lay a sod according to your soil condition.
  2. Tools: To install a sod or turf, you need various different tools for laying it properly. These tools are a sod cutter, spades and rakes, rototiller, starter fertilizer, lawn roller, sod staples and others.
  3. Measure the area: After taking the soil test and all tools, measure the area where you will be sodding. Take the measurement of your area very carefully to avoid the extra expense. If you don’t need an extra sod, why you for it. That’s why, before going to market to buy it, measure the whole lawn area. If you don’t know how to measure it, you can get the help of a professional.
  4. Remove debris: Before laying the sod, loosen the soil to a depth of eight to nine inches. If it has any garbage or debris, remove it very well. When you remove all debris from the soil, water it. Make you water the soil before 24 to 48 hours of installation.
  5. Unroll sod: Unroll the every single piece of turf. Unroll them one by one. After that, start laying them. Make sure, you don’t walk on the turf as you install it. To get wrinkle free sod, place it very carefully and make sure there is no air bubble between sod and soil.
  6. Roll sod: To place sod firmly, you can use a lawn roller. To make a tight connection between soil and sod, move the roll over the sod very well. Remember, for the first three weeks don’t walk on it more. You can take just a little walk. But after three weeks, you can use it as before.
  7. Watering: Water is crucial for your newly installed sod. If there is hot outside, water it daily. But the weather is not so hot or you have cold climate, you can reduce the time of watering. After a few days of installation, if your sod starts to yellow, you need to call a professional.

You need to pay attention on lay sod for a few days after laying and avoid the heavy use of the new lawn. Then in return, it will give you a good looking beautiful garden or lawn. If you are interested to installing the sod in your garden, you can talk with our lawn care contractors in Calgary.

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