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Childlike Faith – A Gift of Christ

Author: Kevin John Kevin John
by Kevin John Kevin John
Posted: May 11, 2016

What Is Childlike Faith?

It is a harmony between truth, hope and also unpretentiousness, keeping faith on god who love us and will always lead us. It is an astonishing gift of Christ to all mankind. A person with this faith feels the life to be adventurous and exciting and proceed with faith for opportunities to please the god. God has gifted all of us with this faith which we should never lose. We should not be any subculture or a routine and should maintain our humbleness and enthusiasm.

Apprehension, timidity, lack of confidence and complacency are just opposite to Child like faith. These are the adverse characters of a person which affects his lifestyle and make him incomplete. It covers us with fear and compels us to blame others for the deficiency of trust on people. Thus the person becomes more and more self-focused and suspicious. Without trust in Christ is being childlike.

Does Bible Instruct Us To Have Childlike Faith?

Undoubtedly, the essence of Christian life is faith. The bible verses about faith, which is an absolute necessity for all of us. As written throughout the Bible, god gifted us faith- it is a shield to protect us from evil powers. But, the Bible never instructs us to possess ‘childlike’ faith. A young child has ambition andpride and thus a perfect example for us. Children are generally teachable and humble and are not prone to hypocrisy.

Obviously, children are fooled easily. Due to the lack of art, they generally deprived of the truth and are drawn towards fantasies. But that is not like having a childlike faith. Jesus told us to have a humble and honest faith upon god. He had used the word as an example only. So, we should not take Jesus at his words only. Scriptures on faith exhorts to possess a childlike modesty with the faith, to make their gateway to heaven open for the disciples.

Faith Verse Of The Day:

Bible verses are of much importance to us. It helps us to get out of the problems that we face in our daily life. The verses are about faith. One should stand firm with faith and try to be strong and courageous. And those who rely on faith are blessed by Abraham, the man of faith. One must keep in mind; God is faithful and would prevent us to be tempted by things which we cannot tolerate. So, we should keep faith in God. And Bible verse of the day is one can atone sin through love and faith, as, through fear evil can be avoided.

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