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Considering the kind of sclerotherapy vein treatment by denver skin spot

Author: Jack Brant
by Jack Brant
Posted: May 12, 2016

Varicose veins are not just unsightly, but they may also be painful and lead to health problems later on. Sclerotherapy is one problematic vein treatment option individuals struggling with these veins can think about. This has a lengthy history of success, as it's been used to treat the problem since the early 1900s.

Sclerotherapy involves injecting an answer, typically containing high levels of salt, directly into the actual offending veins. This solution causes irritation within the blood vessel, and ultimately the blood vessel may stick together, causing blood inside it to clot. With time, this causes the entire thing to show into scar tissue, which can't be seen through your skin. In effect, it completely removes the appearance of varicose veins without having surgery or lasers.

If you're considering this vein remedy, you will need to speak with either a dermatologist or even vascular medicine doctor. The doctor will determine if you're a good candidate. You cannot have this procedure if you're pregnant or have a brief history of blood clots. Your doctor will consider the veins in question as well as your overall health history when determining whether you are a great candidate. Also, if the veins are veins a doctor would someday use should you had heart surgery; you won't be able to possess sclerotherapy, as this will allow it to be impossible for the doctor to make use of these veins if you want heart surgery in the near future.

Most patients considering any kind of sclerotherapy vein treatment wonder things to expect. This is not really a surgical procedure, so it takes no anesthetic. A tiny needle can be used to inject the solution into the body, and you may encounter some mild discomfort or cramping in the region being treated. It takes for the most part 30 minutes to total, depending on the quantity of veins the doctor chooses to deal with in one session. Following treatment, your doctor will counsel you to avoid aerobic exercise for some days as the veins react to the injection and your body heals.

Side effects out of this vein treatment are very rare and incredibly mild. You may notice a few redness or itching round the treatment site. This typically disappears within a week. Bruising may keep going longer, but again is short-term. Brown lines or spots close to the veins also typically diminish. If you notice lumpiness or hardness from the veins, rest assured this really is typically a temporary situation. If you notice unexpected swelling, ulcers near the actual injection site, or inflammation close to the groin, contact your physician immediately, as this is actually a sign of a severe problem.

All in just about all, sclerotherapy is a vein treatment option that needs minimal down time, leads to few problems, and simply leaves you with vein-free thighs. If you are embarrassed through the look of varicose blood vessels, talk to your doctor concerning the potential to seek laser hair removal. If you are within good medical health, odds are it could rid you of the condition forever, leaving you with legs prepared to show off when bathing suit season rolls around once again.

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