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Author: Keshav Singh
by Keshav Singh
Posted: Sep 01, 2016

IncrediMail is one of the most essential and non-conventional email application in today's market which provides bulk of message decoration options, animated notifications and colorful themes. All these sophisticated features of IncrediMail application create a different communication environment and such aspects attracts number of users because now no one is interested in lackluster and business like interfaces email applications. However, the program seems to be quite intrusive in terms of keeping its shortcut in the startup folder, subsituting the default search services and browser start page, among other things. Large amount of penetration into the user's system becomes annoying for people who prefer much control over their operating system, browsers and commonly used software for corporate or business use, and this is the reason why so many people abandon it after having played with it or for a while.

Despite number of features, IncrediMail still lacked in many advance features sought for by business users and simply didn't appear business-like enough to be installed on employees workstations. And because of this IncrediMail users were forced to migrate on more conventional solutions like Microsoft Outlook, which is the standard email application in the majority of companies across the world.

The task, however cannot be successful using standard tools or in-built solutions due to significant differences in the format used by both applications. If you are trying to convert emails from IncrediMail to Outlook, then you have few options to choose from. In this article, we'll try to cover them all highlighting the advantages and drawbacks. All of them are based on extracting single messages and attachments from IncrediMail IMM files and repacking them into the required destination format. The process automation level, however will differ as will the amount of effort required for successful migration.

You can perform conversion from IncrediMail to Outlook manually or using third party tool. The manual process is completely free of cost, whereas third party tool will be paid software with free trial period. Manual solution is 100% free but some data might get lost while conversion. And to avoid this, apply third party tool to convert IncrediMail to Outlook. IncrediMail to Outlook Software is fast and reliable tool which quickly convert mail from incredimail to outlook, with attachments. The intuitive interface of IncrediMail to Outlook converter attracts almost all the users because the tool can be easily operated by non-technicals as it do not require any pre-training skills. The Message Sense technology quickly extracts IncrediMail data and convert it in Outlook PST format.

Essential aspects of IncrediMail to Outlook utility

  • Automatically detect the stored location of IncrediMail files using auto-detect property
  • Quickly convert mail from Incredimail to Outlook with attachments
  • Capable to convert IncrediMail files in a bulk using Batch Folder Conversion option included in the application
  • Provides multiple file naming options to save the converted file in required subject, date or time.
  • Allow users to save IncrediMail files by creating a new folder and store instead of updating the existing folder.
  • Preserves rich-text formatting and retains folder hierarchy throughout the process.
  • Convert all items of IncrediMail application including address book, email, contacts and Outlook.
  • Allows to store resultant data after conversion at desired location on the system.

      Note: Free demo version is available for free evaluation and analysis. The demo version allows to convert 25 mails in required format. For unlimited conversion, you need to purchase license edition.

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