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Backdrops and accessories

Author: Wynn Zhou
by Wynn Zhou
Posted: May 16, 2016

From the previous post, we hope you’ve been able to understand the differences between shooting in the daytime and at night. On this episode, we will be delving into the various accessories and backdrops needed for photo and video shootings.

Apart from the cameras and lenses that are must have tools for photography, backdrops and accessories such as tripods, batteries, and filters, are also essentials that every photographer should.

Backdrops: which are also known as backgrounds, are scenes or just plain background colors painted on paper, muslin or vinyl and placed behind the subjects of a photograph. They are used to enhance the photograph, irrespective of the subject, which may range from family portraits to professional models. They can be used to take photographic shoot in the studio or at events. Backdrops come in different styles, color and sizes, and when choosing a backdrop, its clarity and impact on the quality of the image must be considered. It is essential that the backdrop used highlights and not take attention away from the subject. The most common types of backdrops are the muslin, paper and canvas backdrops. The muslin backdrops are made from cloth, easily transportable, reusable and can cover a large surface area. The paper backdrops are only used one time, but they limit reflection of studio lighting and are also easily transportable. Painted canvas backdrops on the hand are not transportable as they are quite large and heavy, thus they are mostly found in studios and theatres.

Tripods: these are three-legged balancing equipment, used for stabilizing the camera to eliminate the blurring that may occur when the camera is held in the photographer’s hands. Although getting a quality, sturdy tripod may be costly, it is an essential photography accessory, especially when shooting in low light situation and in less than ideal situations, such as the need to position the camera vertically. Tripods have also been found to help enhance sharpness and achieve maximum depth of field. When getting a tripod ensure that you get a portable, light weight and flexible one, which can be easily lugged around when needed. Some tripods may double as a monopod.

Filters: the need for filters has been somewhat underrated, with a lot of colored filters incorporated into almost every photo editing program available. Nevertheless, filters are an essential accessory to have at hand, especially when shooting outdoors in daylight. They help to enhance colors, increase contrast, eliminate glare and reflections from polished surfaces, as well as protect camera lenses. The most important types to get are the polarizing filters which are primarily used for wedding photography and other outdoor photography; the UV filters, which protect lenses from dust, moisture and scratches and the neutral density filters, which decreases the camera shutter speed by reducing the amount of light entering the lens. They also come in different shapes including square, rectangular and circular screw-on.

Other important accessories include;

  • External flashes for lighting when taking night shots, as well as in indoor photography,
  • Batteries and memory cards, for powering most, if not all of your equipment and storing all of your shots. You can never have too much of these,
  • Rocket blowers and cleaning cloth, for keeping all your gears clean and dust free,
  • Camera bags, for packing your accessories, especially when shooting an outdoor event; and
  • Wireless remote triggers, for controlling cameras and flashes.
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