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10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

Author: Devesh Chawla
by Devesh Chawla
Posted: May 17, 2016
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What makes a leader great; Enthusiasm, problem-solving ability or EQ? Here are top ten qualities that transform a normal leader into a great leader.

Good leaders have profound sense of humor

Does it mean he is carefree? No, a superior leader demonstrates it when everything goes wrong. People don’t dare to look at the leader in a dire situation because they expect a blast. However, the situation becomes surprisingly manageable when they see their leader smiling and in a cheerful mood even if there is something terrible happened.

They grow by growing others

A lot of has been said about the importance of developing the people around. A true leader walks the talk and literary grow others in all aspects. He has a superb knack of identifying strengths of a person. At the same time, he has the capability of developing skills that people don’t possess either.

They don’t fear when others perform

A good leader feels good when his team performs. He doesn’t have a sense of jealousy with anyone in the group. He is fearless and confident about his own strengths and position in the group.

They do not indulge in micro-analysis

Good leaders have a big picture in their minds. They think in the broader perspective and tolerate small-scale ambiguities. They remain focused and steadfast to the fundamental purpose of the business. Storms in the teacups come and go without affecting the true leaders.

They don’t accept anything less than excellent

The second best is always a runner-up, not the winner. Great leaders know it very well. Therefore, they expect only excellent performance from others. It doesn’t mean they pressurize for success, but encourage others to extract the maximum juice every time.

They walk the talk

Good leaders do not believe in preaching. Rather, they set an example by doing the things first. It makes others confident in the systems and processes.

They are fast decision-makers

Fast decision making is the common trait amongst all great business leaders. They have the capability of analyzing the situation at a blink.

Extreme Loyalty is the necessary quality of great leaders

Great leaders are always loyal to their company. They expect the same from the team member as well.

They are inspiration for others

Good leaders are like a powerhouse of motivation for others. There are examples when mediocre companies did miracles when highly inspirational leaders lead the fleet.

Superior leaders build relationship

Great leaders builda permanent relationship with others. They are not opportunistic to establish trust only when there is some objective.

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